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Will a Long Distant Relationship Work For You?

While a long distance relationship is never easy, but let’s be real here for a moment, no long term relationship is easy.

Both long distance and real life relationships take work, commitment and communication. So, don’t let the distance by itself scare you.

Whether you can handle a long distant relationship is really based on you and your needs and wants. There are lots of ways now to make it easier and more of an option, but there is of course still going to be obstacles.

So this article is all about showing you the good and the bad and letting you determine if a long distance relationship would work for you.

One of the best and most important tools in a long distance relationship is the technology that is available today. If you have internet access you have the ability to connect with just about anyone.

You two can talk through so many different avenues. You have Skype, yahoo, Facebook, MSN Messenger, just to name a few. And the beauty is most of them are free. So you can talk for hours and not run up a huge phone bill.

And with Skype you can, if you both have cams, see each other and have that connection, which is different from texting or talking on the phone. Skype also offers voice calling so you can call cell phone to cell phone, free of charge.

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And in terms of a long distance relationship, communication is going to be vital. If you two can’t communicate on a regular basis, it will be very easy to drift away from each other.

Now with all that being said, the biggest challenge a long distance couple is going to run into is going to be the physical aspect. You could potentially go weeks and possibly months without being able to hold hands, kiss, make love, or even simply go out to dinner with each other. It will require you to get very creative in terms of romance and keeping the commitment of being partners.

Ways to get creative can be as simple as, turning your web cams on and having dinner together while you talk about each of your days. You can also agree on some sort of visiting schedule. If you aren’t too far away, you can drive to visit once or twice a month.

If it will require taking an airplane, then it may be longer between visits. But if you set it up and stick to it, you will each know when the next visit will be, making it a bit easier to wait in between. Send the other little gifts to remind the other one he or she is on your mind.

Long distance relationships can be challenging, but if you really love the other person and you can utilize some of the things discussed here you can make it work. Now the big question is do you want to make it work for you? Because it is all about what you can and are willing to live with and that determines whether you can make a long distance relationship work for you.

connect and commit

connect and commit

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