Save Your Relationship

Will Your Relationship Last?

There are several main components, commitment, love and trust, which are truly necessary for a relationship to have a shot at making it, long term.

If your relationship is missing any one of them, your relationship may be in trouble. But there are pieces that also be indicator as to whether you relationship can stand the test of time.

This article will take a look at a few of those to help you determine if your relationship has the makings of lasting long term.

Keep in mind every relationship struggles with some of these at different points, it is more about how many areas are an issue and how long they been an issue.

• Communication – Communication is a building block that is essential to a strong long term relationship. And it has to be real communication, not just the basics about your day, but it should include plans for the future: your relationship, your careers, etc…

• Fighting – Yep, I said fighting. Fighting in a relationship is completely normal and can be a very good learning tool, for both of you, if you are able to learn from the fighting. However, if every discussion turns into a fight then you may have something to worry about.

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• Knowledge – We all know the basics about our partners. The question is do you know what your partner wants to be doing in 5 years from now? Do you know what your partner dreams about, wishes for and wants from life? And more importantly, do you care? Do you want to know those things? If the answer is no, this is a huge red flag in terms of your relationship being long term.

• Acceptance – We all have flaws, because we are human, we are not perfect. And if you expect your partner to be, you are setting both of you up for failure. But if you can both work around the other’s flaws you have a good shot at making it a long way down the relationship road.

• Trust – This is another one of those building blocks that is a must for a relationship to make it long term. If you are always checking on your partner and not trusting him or her, you are shifting your relationship from a healthy loving relationship to being possessive and controlling. That does not make for a healthy long term relationship.

• Show your partner – When we begin dating it seems so much easier to show our partner how much we love him or her. We send flowers, or love notes, we text, and we let them know often how we feel. As relationships progress some partners forget that is still important. Doing the little things is what makes the other person know you are thinking about him or her, even when they are not around.

Relationships are not easy. They require a lot of work and choosing to make that commitment every day. But by looking at the list above you should have a better idea about whether your relationship will last long term. And even if you fall short if a couple areas doesn’t mean you can’t work on those areas and make your relationship stronger.

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