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Why Relationship Issues Are NORMAL

Men and women are just different! There are no two ways about it, or getting around it. That means when a man and a woman try to fit together in a relationship there are bound to be some issues that come up.

You have two different genders, with two different personalities trying to become one unit. This is not an easy task, but if the couple in the relationship handle said issues properly those issues can make the relationship stronger.

By overcoming obstacles with your partner successfully you show each other how important dealing with issues and solving them is to both of you.

This will make your relationship stronger and more able to handle issues even better together as you grow and change together. And the key to all issues is going to be communication, without that element your relationship will crash and burn.

In all likelihood you will have to deal with the following types of relationship issues, which are all completely normal:

One of the issues we touched on a bit is communication. Talking to each other as issues come up is vital to a relationship’s foundation. Just by sitting down and talking about them you show your partner time and time again that your relationship is important to you. The opposite is disaster waiting to happen. If you don’t communicate you are setting your entire relationship up for failure.

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Another issue, totally normal, is commitment. When a relationship begins you are both so eager to make the time, make the commitment. As a relationship grows and changes and life’s stresses get in the way it gets harder.

And one day you may be focused and committed but your partner is just too tired and then the next week he or she is focused and committed and you are not. This is when communication comes back into play.

If you feel your partner is not making the same emotional commitment sit down with them and find out what is going on. Maybe he or she is having a bad week and it has nothing to do with you.

This next issue is so important, trust. If you don’t have trust for whatever reason your relationship is in some trouble. Talk about why you are feeling like something is wrong. If for any reason you can’t trust your partner your relationship with fall apart quickly.

So back to communication, talk about it, be as open as you can both be and then build that trust every day, making that wall of trust stronger and stronger.

And lastly another biggie is sex. When two people try to find common ground in the bedroom it can be challenging. One way to deal with that is to lay it out on the table. Tell each other what you want, expect and need.

You probably won’t be on exactly the same page all the time, but if you leave the lines of communication open it makes it easier for one of you to say hey, I really need some snuggle time tonight. Or can we try something different tonight?

All couples go through rough patches, and how you handle those issues will determine if your relationship can “weather the storms”.

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