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What if They Keep Lying?

Relationships are tough work. No one should expect to smooth sail their way through a long-term relationship.

Instead, you should expect that from time to time, there will be frustration, heart ache, jealousy, name-calling and for some, maybe infidelity too.

It is normal for most relationships to experience a mix of these. While I would love to be able to tell you a quick fix for all of these problems, I can't.

But what I can offer however, is a fantastic guide that will help you and your spouse or partner deal with these problems when they do arise so that they never lead to a relationship crisis. It's called "Save The Marriage" and it's chock full of relationship-saving tips that can help keep your marriage afloat.

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If you are trying to work on a relationship that has gone wrong for any reason, it can be one of the hardest things you ever have to deal with. If you have a partner that keeps lying to you, it can be overwhelming, not to mention frustrating.

No matter where you get advice on how to repair a broken relationship, honest conversation is considered to be one of the most important tools you have to work with. When your partner keeps lying, you have another issue that you will have to deal with as well.

Reasons Partners Keep Lying

For some people, lying doesn't really come as naturally as it appears. There may be some logic behind the betrayal, at least in your partner's mind. Lying is a way of getting control over you. A few of the reasons your partner might lie to you are:

* In order to avoid conflict in relationships. In fact, this is probably the number one reason that one partner will lie to another. Maybe she spent more money on that new outfit that she admitted to or maybe he really went to the strip club instead of the golf course.

For the spouse who is doing the lying, this is a legitimate reason for being deceptive just because they don't want you to get upset or angry with them.

* Your partner might light to you in order to change your behavior. If she is jealous of your sending your mother flowers on her birthday, she might lie to you about your mother's response or the condition of the flowers.

Lying to you about the results of your actions may cause you to change those actions. If this works once, it will be likely to work again and can quickly and easily grow into a continuous pattern of behavior.

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* To limit your choices. If he doesn't want you to go out with the girls because he thinks you might meet someone else while you aren't with you, he might lie by telling you that your closest friend said something bad about you in order to drive a wedge into your friendship and keep you from wanting to spend time with her.

Life is confusing enough without having to deal with a habitual lying partner. It is natural to have suspisions, but once you know for a fact that your partner has been lying to you, it is difficult to know what to do next. You may begin to wonder if anything they have ever told you has been true.

Making the Decision Regarding What to Do

We all lie, although not all lies are told to hurt others. When you say you love the mosaic vase your aunt gave you for Christmas, it is a lie that is intended to make your aunt feel good about her choice.

Some lies are more significant than others and if your partner lied to cover an infidelity, then you will have to make the decision to keep moving forward and repair your relationship. It can be difficult since you may lose trust in your partner all together.

Other lies may be told and accepted in order to prevent an argument. If you knew she would be upset that you went out with a certain friend then you might lie and tell her you were with someone else. She might even realize the lie and let it slide for the same reasons you have.

One of the best approaches to stop your partner from lying is by changing your behavior so that lying isn't necessary. If you ease up on doing things she doesn't like, she can agree to ease up on lying to change what you are doing.

Re-evaluate the relationship together and determine what is really important to each of you and agree to meet your partner halfway. Eliminating the small irritants in your lives can help stop the lying and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for you both.

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relationship recovery