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What Causes Unhealthy Relationships?

The whole goal when a person enters into a relationship is that he or she counts on it being a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately that is not always the case. And worse yet many people don’t recognize that they are in an unhealthy relationship.

It is so important to know what to expect in a relationship, so that when those expectations are not being met you are aware and can make sure it either gets corrected or you can get out of the relationship.

What causes unhealthy relationships? Keep reading to find out.

One big red flag is trust. If the trust in the relationship has been broken again and again they you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship. Do they make decisions for their benefit and not what is best for both of you? That is also a breach of trust. And then you have to decide if you can ever trust the other person again. If the answer is no then you should probably get out of that unhealthy relationship.

Another red flag is respect. Does your partner put you down? Or does your opinion not matter to your partner? Your relationship is supposed to be a partnership where both of you get a say and have some control over the decision making.

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If one of you is not being respectful of the other then that other person is in an unhealthy relationship. And in this case it is also possible that if there is no respect that it can also cross over to into an abusive relationship.

Two people are required for any kind of relationship to take place. It requires two willing people to make a relationship good and healthy. Other unhealthy things to keep a look out for include: fighting all the time, or not talking at all.

If in trying to decide where to eat on any given night lands you two in an argument you are probably in an unhealthy relationship. Or worse yet, if you two have completely stopped communicating at all, on any level, you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship.

If after reading the above you feel like you are in an unhealthy relationship then you have some decisions to make. You can sit down with your significant other and have a discussion telling him or her how you feel and why.

You can ask your partner to go see someone with you, so you can talk about what is upsetting you and what you would like to see change. Or you can decide to get out of the relationship completely. Everyone deserves to be in a happy and healthy relationship, so if you don’t feel like you are in one, do something about it. Take that first step and recognize that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Next on the list talk with your partner, to find out if he or she is willing to discuss your concerns and make changes that are good for both of you. And finally, be prepared to get out of the relationship if those changes are not made or you feel like things are still unhealthy.

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