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Using The Law of Attraction To Assist Your Relationship

The Law of Attraction describes the belief that your thoughts contribute to "chance" occurrences. This is not an original idea, having origins in a number of ancient rituals and religions.

It is believed that one could use the Law of Attraction to assist you in relationships and many other facets of your life.

The principle of using your thoughts to influence events is used today in many forms.

In some sales training programs it is strongly suggested that in order to improve your chances of success, you must spend time visualizing the trappings of success.

You were encouraged to envision money, cars, boats, houses and anything else that was a measure of economic success. This does not supplant getting off your butt and working towards you goals, it just reinforced your initiative and drive towards success.

Researchers have written of the power of the mind and how it can be programmed for success in physical ventures. Maxwell Maltz, M.D., in Psycho Cybernetics, described experiments in having people visualize successful athletic endeavors and then perform them as visualized.

Jon Gabriel in The Gabriel Method tells how to program your mind to achieve and maintain weight loss. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote about The Power of Positive Thinking in which by keeping your thinking positive you can change your life forever.

Why not then use your positive thinking to influence your romantic relationship? Using the principles of The Law of Attraction, if you spend time in meditation and visualization about the other party in your romantic liaison, you can influence them in how they respond to you.

Scientists claim that The Law of Attraction violates the scientific understanding of the universe. But Jon Gabriel was also derided and he has amazing personal success, plus tens of thousands of others who have benefited from the application of his principles.

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The three steps in The Law of Attraction are:

Know what you want and ask for it - You need to be as specific as possible in your thoughts.

Believe that your wishes will be granted - You have to know that what you are asking for will be on the way to you. You must focus on the reality of your thinking and make yourself believe in it.

Be open to receive what you wish for - Your intuition and subliminal messages will tell you when your wishes are being granted. As you are aligned with the universe the very things you are wishing for will come to pass.

On the negative side of the equation, refrain from thinking negative thoughts about any of your desires, as this may influence a negative response. In other words, think bad thoughts and you will receive bad things.

To incorporate The Law of Attraction into your relationship, you should develop a list of "happenings" you want to take place for you and your romantic partner. If you are trying to influence them and their responses to your overtures, you will do this in private.

If, on the other hand, you are both trying to make positive things happen for you, this meditation should be a joint effort. You should have physical contact (holding hands) while you are asking for these things to happen in your relationship.

You should truly believe that these wishes will come to pass. Without this belief your efforts may be for naught.

You should open up your mind and spirit for these happenings. You will get messages from a number of sources that confirm what is happening; dreams, flashes of intuition and chance happenings.

If all this seems a little surrealistic, it is, but there are many reported instances of successful applications of The Law of Attraction.

I hope this information is of help to you in your relationship.

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