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Top Killers in a Relationship That Can Cause Divorce or Break Up

Every couple and I mean every couple struggles at some point or another. It is very natural to have those up and downs.

There are however serious issues in a relationship that are killers to a relationship and can cause divorce or a break up.

So it is important to keep an eye out for them and if you see the beginnings of them to deal with them right away before it is too late.

One of the biggest killers is dishonesty. When entering into a marriage you promise to be honest and if one or both partners breaks that trust it can take years to mend or it is also possible that you both go round and round, never trusting again, destroying the relationship.

Another killer is controlling behavior. When two people enter into a relationship they are individuals. They agree to weave those two lives together. But they do not agree to allow one to take over the other, like a weed. Because all that does is destroy the other person, thus killing the relationship.

The next dangerous killer is one or both of the partners in the relationship having some sort of addiction. If one person in the relationship feels lonely or inadequate, he or she may turn to alcohol or drugs. Or if there are money issues going on, a person trying to get rich quick may end up having a gambling addiction sending the two of them into more financial peril.

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Neediness can strangle a relationship to its death. People can’t be everything for anyone, even in a marriage or long term relationship. And if you try to rely completely on the other person they may come to resent you and pull away.

So, it is important to continuously work on your self-esteem. Branch out and have friends to do things with, so you each get some space and appreciate each other more when you do spend time together.

Another disastrous killer is focusing solely on your partner’s faults, forgetting that we all have them. It is so easy to see a habit or notice something your partner is not good at, but you fail to realize that they put up with your annoying habits as well as your weaknesses.

Lack of communication or complete communication breakdown can also kill a relationship. Communication is the key to dealing with issues before they get completely out of hand and unfixable.

Communication is also how you find out about what is going on with your significant other. If you don’t talk how can you possibly know where they are, what made their day or why they are grumpy?

Being in a relationship, marriage or long term is hard enough without allowing the above killers to creep in and destroy your relationship. So be aware of them and keep your eyes peeled for the beginning signs of them so you can cut them off at the pass.

By knowing what they are you can also work to be doing the opposite, make sure you communicate, remember you aren’t perfect, branch out, don’t let addiction ruin your life, and be open and honest.

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