Save Your Relationship

Tips For Making a New Relationship Work After a Divorce

Relationship After a Divorce

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"Great tips on helping one get started on what is essential during this phase of life. Thumbs up!"

- Indy Johnson, Perth, Australia

Product Description

This guide will provide you with tips for securing new relationships and helping each member of your family “blend” whether you choose to remarry or whether your EX introduces a new partner into your child’s life.

Blended families are more and more common. It is critical you take action to ensure your family does not suffer during the process. We’ve all heard horror stories about how remarried couples’ children have fought and fought until the parents faced the inevitable… another divorce.

We can help! Learn 10 strategies for helping YOUR children cope with a new family, so everyone benefits.

You can discover how to make your new relationship work with your new family members!

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