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Things Women Should Know About Marriage

Whether you are just about to get married or have been married for some time there things women should know about marriage.

There are important pieces of information that can make things a little easier or at least give you the heads up. And it is more than the one you have heard a million times, marriage is hard work.

That one is completely true, but we have all heard it and it is no secret. The following three things you need to know have to do with, surprising things you need to know about your man.

The first one is something I don’t think we women realize men need, is respect. Men need unconditional respect from you. They need to know you respect their judgment, that you don’t question every move they make and that you trust their judgment.

A guy doesn’t want to be told he is incapable of doing something before he is even given the chance to do it. Just because he didn’t play baseball growing up does not mean he can’t teach your son or daughter how to catch a ball, or hit a ball.

Or even if pluming isn’t his thing, does not mean you should call the plumber before he has even had a chance to look at the problem. Men need to know we trust them to take care of business. He wants to know he is valued and appreciated.

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Another important aspect for men is to be affirmed by not only their wives, but kids and other family/friends. If all he hears you tell your friends is how he didn’t take out the garbage, or how he wasn’t able to fix the car, he is going to think you don’t think he is capable of anything.

He needs to hear you brag about him, in private, in front of the kids and with your friends and family. Let the couple you are out with know how he surprised you for your anniversary. Or let him know you thought it was great that he spent the afternoon helping the kids work on school projects.

Finally, men will never tell you this, but men want to be wanted. Sex with your man shouldn’t be a chore. If he feels like you are not enjoying it or if it is a chore you are basically telling him you don’t find him attractive and don’t desire him.

Think about how that would make you feel, if suddenly he didn’t want you anymore. By showing him how much you want him, you fulfill him physically and emotionally. This builds his self-confidence which then carries over into every part of his life.

Marriage is not easy but you can make it a whole lot easier for both of you if you show your husband he is trusted, loved, and desired. He will be able to perform at work better, feel better if he knows he is satisfying you and helping out like he is supposed to. He will be more emotionally and physically involved in your relationship if you show him why you respect him and love him.

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