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The Secret to Making a Relationship Work

Being in a relationship is not easy, it takes lots of work, lots of dedication, and making the choice to be committed to your partner every day.

Many people don’t realize how much work it takes until they are smack dab in the middle of the relationship.

And then they have no clue how to make things work. This article will cover several secrets to making a relationship work.

The first secret is one of the most important secrets, learn to apologize. No one is perfect, we all know that. We say things we didn’t mean, or forget something that was important to a loved one, but we all do that. So remembering that about both your partner and yourself is very important.

That way when he or she messes up, you are more open to accepting the apology, keeping in mind you may be the one messing up another time. Equally important, when you screw up, you remember that it is important to apologize, because you hurt your partner and you want them to know you are sincerely sorry.

The next secret sounds counterproductive, but it really is important, and that is to not spend too much time with your partner. No one person can fulfill every need a person has. It is important that you both have friends or family that you can do things with.

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What is great about that is that after you spend a bit of time away from each other you not only are glad to see each other, but you also have something new and interesting to talk about.

Another secret is making decisions together. Being in a relationship is supposed to be about both of you growing together. If only one of you makes all the decisions all the time, it not only gets boring for the other one.

But it also shows a lack of respect for the other person’s opinions. So, if one of you has picked the restaurant the last few times let the other person pick the next time. Or if it is a bigger decision, sit down and have each person state their opinion and if they are not the same find a way to compromise and come to the decision together.

And the last secret is making a commitment to making the relationship work. A relationship consists of two people choosing to be together on a long term basis. There are going to be times when one or both people in the relationship are not happy, but if you both continue to make the commitment you will push through those times and come out on the other end, stronger and more committed than you were before.

The secrets to making a relationship work are not easy but they include: learning to apologize, not depending on each other wholly, making decisions together and continually making the commitment to making it work. If you both want it to work, you can make it work. It is when one does and the other doesn’t, that you run into problems. If both of you want it, you can make it work.

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