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The Importance Of Self Esteem in Your Relationship

Your self esteem is the way that you feel about yourself. It is the values you place through your thoughts and feelings.

Some people think very highly of themselves while others do not place a lot of value on themselves at all.

If this is the case, you are considered to be suffering from "low self esteem" and suffering is exactly what it can bring into a relationship.

Facing Your Issues

Low self esteem usually comes from the issues that you have and can't resolve. It can come from a number of real issues such as:

* Something that you did in your past such as become addicted to drugs or alcohol or spending time in prison.

* A particular physical attribute such as misshapen teeth or from being overweight.

* Not feeling smart.

* An inability to socialize with others.

* A lack of success in your life.

Generally, anything that makes you feel self-conscious will contribute to low self esteem whether it is something that you point out to yourself or as the result of ridicule from others.

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Low Self Esteem and a Relationship

In a relationship, low self esteem can turn into a cycle of misery. When a person doesn't feel value in themselves, they are more likely to believe that they don't deserve the best of treatment from their spouse.

If you have ever wondered why a woman who is abused will stay in the relationship, sometimes until it comes to a tragic conclusion, low self esteem is often to blame.

Whether she had low self esteem coming into the relationship or she has developed it through verbal abuse and controlling behavior from her spouse, she becomes convinced that she deserves to be treated in this way and that she doesn't deserve a better kind of life.

The relationship doesn't have to have physical abuse in order to be bad from low self esteem. If you marry someone who is not as attractive as you would like because you think that is all you deserve, that can not only make you unhappy but can lead to low self esteem in your spouse!

Any time that you are in a relationship with someone who is not everything you want in a partner because you don't think you deserve better, you are setting yourself up for an unhappy relationship for you both.

How to Boost Your Self Esteem

If you are going to improve your self esteem, you are going to have to change the way you think about yourself and the decisions you have made. If you have come from a childhood that included physical and/or verbal abuse, you may need professional counseling to get past your low self esteem.

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To improve your feelings towards yourself, try to do the following:

* Look for the key to triggering your self-doubt. Find out if there are specific events that seem to leave you frustrated and feeling inadequate. This can include things at work, issues with your family, or with your spouse.

* Determine what it is about these events that make them troubling to you. You need to get into your own head and figure out what is real and what you are lying to yourself about. Do an honest evaluation of what the facts are and what you have convinced yourself to be true without any evidence to back them up.

* Don't accept the lies but challenge them. If you don't address the situations that are destroying your self esteem, you will never build the confidence you need to be strong in any situation or in your relationship.

* Work towards changing the way you think and forgive yourself for the times you made mistakes. Trying to be perfect is a sure way to destroy your self esteem.

We all have things in our lives that we don't enjoy and sometimes they can be devastating whenever they occur. Try to leave the past in the past and work towards creating a confident person who has the self esteem to choose the right partner for a happy relationship!

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