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The Dos And Don’ts of Getting Over a Broken Heart

Bottom line, having a broken heart sucks. It means the conclusion of something you enjoyed, it means saying goodbye, it means finding a way to pick up the pieces and move forward.

This article is all about exactly how to do that, by looking at a few of the things you should do to get over a broken heart and a few of the things you shouldn’t do when getting over a broken heart.

3 dos while getting over a broken heart:

1. Do cry. As counterproductive as that sounds, it is actually a very healthy step to take. Those emotions are there and one of the best ways to release them is to have a good cry. That does not mean you should cry for days and lock yourself in the house, but letting those negative feelings go is a great step to getting you over a broken heart.

2. Do stay busy. The easiest thing to do after a broken heart is wallow in all those negative feelings, but as you saw in the first “do” you have already cried those out and now it is time to keep busy.

Keeping busy does two things: first, it keeps your mind off your broken heart and two, it keeps you from wallowing further. And both of those things are good for you, and send you in the right direction.

3. Do think positively. Even if you don’t feel like being positive, fake it. You need to get the good thoughts flowing to flush out the negative ones. Think about what good things you do have in your life such as, health, family or friends. That will help make it easier to let those negative feelings go, needing you to fake it less and less.

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3 Don’ts while getting over a broken heart:

1. Don’t try to stay in contact with your ex. Once he or she has made it clear that things are done, over, you need to leave them alone. It is counterproductive if you “want them back” because now you are just bugging them. And your self-esteem will take a huge hit here when they don’t reciprocate.

2. Don’t do the rebound thing. By picking up with someone new all you are doing is pushing feelings deeper inside you instead of dealing with them and letting them go. Plus you are being very unfair to the person you begin seeing because they may be looking for a serious relationship and end up wanting to be with a person who is emotionally unavailable.

3. Don’t worry. We all have fears about “getting dumped”. What does it say about you? What will your friends think? Will I ever find happiness again? The worry only delays you getting over your broken heart. And truthfully most of those things you can’t control anyways, so why worry about them?!

Getting over a broken heart is not easy, but if you stick to the dos and don’ts you have a much better shot of not only getting over the broken heart, but also becoming a more mentally healthy person.

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