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The Danger of Taking Your Marriage For Granted

Think of a building made of blocks for a moment. If you want it to be sturdy and last a long time, you have to build a really good foundation.

You have to lay the foundation then build, slowly and steadily upward. Without that foundation the build will crumble at the first signs of bad weather.

Or if the foundation is there, but not solidly build when one of the bricks breaks the building will come tumbling down.

The same goes for a strong, long term relationship. If you take your time at the beginning and build a very strong foundation built with: love, trust, communication, respect, romance, etc...

But when things do get tough your relationship has a better shot of standing up to the tests of time. However if you don’t build that foundation then one argument or one issue and the relationship could come tumbling down.

There is one issue that can tear both down no matter how strong you have built up your relationship because it can be so hurtful on so many levels, and that is taking your partner for granted.

At the beginning of any relationship both partners are all about the other one. We start off so supportive, loving, grateful, etc… but as the newness wears off couples run into problems maintaining the high level of all of those things that are necessary to sustain a marriage. And what is worse is that it can happen so slowly over time that neither one of you notices.

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Maybe instead of going to lunch once a week together, now you go maybe once a month. And when you both get home from a long day instead of sitting down to talk about your day, you both end up in separate rooms doing your own things. From that it just spirals out and one or both partners begin to take for granted that the other one will just be there.

The problem with doing that is that the person who is being taken for granted feels like their partner doesn’t love them anymore. Then feelings of anger and resentment begin to build. By the time the person taking the other for granted decides they now have time, the one who was taken for granted may not want them anymore. This is a crucial piece of relationship advice to take back.

You and your partner made commitments to each other, promises, and taking your partner for granted may just end up landing you alone. You have to show your partner every day why he or she picked you to be with forever and he or she should be making you feel the same way. If that is not happening on any level for either partner, you both need to sit down and talk about how you are feeling and why.

If your partner is not willing to make some changes to make you feel like you are not being taken for granted then you need to decide if you can live with that. It is so easy to slide into a routine where one or both partners are taking his or her spouse for granted. Don’t let that happen in your marriage. Be aware and talk to each other so that doesn’t happen in your marriage.

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