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The Benefits of Healthy Marriages

People get married for all sorts of reasons: to share the good times, the bad and in general just share our lives with another person.

It makes people overall happier. What some people don’t know is that it can also make us healthier and add to how long we live.

It has been proven over and over that both men and women benefit from getting married. More married women live to see their 65th birthdays than women who are not married.

Equally more married men live to see their 65th birthday as well. The inverse goes as well; a person who is not married is much more likely to pass earlier and with less physical complications.

Meaning, a married person could have heart disease or some other medical issue and the person who is not married with any health issues could still pass before the married one with heart disease.

People who are not married are more likely to get depressed, especially a divorced or separated person. They go from having someone in their lives to being alone and it is a very difficult transition for both men and women. Along those same lines, suicide numbers also increase greatly for a person who is not married, and affects men more so, than women.

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Men and women who are married spend less time in hospitals. People with cancer had better percentages of being cured if they were married then patients that were not. Part of this is due to have an advocate for them at the hospital making sure they get what they need and when.

And then once home having someone encourage you, support you and push you to get better faster. If you are a single person, friends and family help out when they can but the commitment level just isn’t the same. They can’t be available 24/7 to be able to encourage you, or run out and get the medicine you might need at 2 am.

By getting married both men and women use less alcohol and drugs. Folks who became heavy drinkers were most likely divorced or separated. Divorced men are more likely to pick up smoking and married men are more likely to quit. And by quitting smoking alone adds years to a person’s life.

Marriage is always going to require good communication, give and take, but in the long run the benefits of having a companion can and usually does keep you healthier, both mentally and physically, than living by yourself. So, not that you should rush into anything, but if you are considering getting married you now know that there are some very healthy benefits for you.

Getting married is a huge commitment, but like more things in life the things that take the most work, reap the most benefits. So, on those days when maybe everything is going according to plans in your marriage, remember you have built a foundation and that foundation is what will give you all those long term benefits down the road. Try to remember in the grand scheme of things, being married has many benefits.

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