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The 7 Day 'Feel Great' Turnaround

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, or that your life has lost a sense of fun, fulfillment or purpose, then it's clearly time for a personal makeover. This one won't cost you anything and, if you take the time to do one of the following activities each day for the next 7 days, you'll be amazed at the results!

The purpose of these activities is to get your juices flowing - to invigorate, inspire, and motivate you.

Too often we get so caught up in the mundane day to day tasks that we lose our joy and enthusiasm. What was once exciting - whether your relationship, your career, having a family, or starting a business - may have become stale or mediocre over the years.

And you're so busy it just seems like too much energy to make any changes.

Quite often, that's because we look at change as this huge, daunting task akin to training for and running the Boston marathon, when in fact, a short sprint is all that is really needed.

So let's get started.

None of these activities take a significant amount of time. 30 minutes to an hour will do for most, and a couple may take just a few minutes. Some can take longer if you have the time and want to put more into it. It's up to you. Do them in whatever order you like, but do them!

This is meant to be fun, so don't look at any of these as another "chore" to add to your list.

This is for YOU!


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Day 1 - Create a bucket list. If you're not familiar with a bucket list, it's a list of all the things you would like to do before you die.

When you make your list, think of all the things in life you've dreamed about doing. Write them down. Perhaps you've always wanted to meet Oprah, or be in a musical, or take a trip to Greece.

Don't leave something off your list because it seems ridiculous, silly, too expensive or impossible. Anything goes. All great things start with the dream to do them.

Write them down. Make it fun! Reawaken those dreams that you had once upon a time!

Day 2 - Do something kind for a stranger or someone you barely know. Opportunity for random acts of kindness abound - if you look for them. It doesn't have to be extravagant.

Perhaps it's offering your seat on the bus to an elderly person. Or offering to help a new neighbor carry in some boxes. Or taking a box of doughnuts from a nearby bakery to the local firehouse.

Day 3 - Do something you loved to do as a child. As we get older and are burdened with life's demands, we tend to lose our childlike playfulness. One of the best ways to revive this and to feel more invigorated and alive is to spend some time doing something you really enjoyed as a child.

Perhaps it's shooting hoops at a nearby basketball court, or going to a park and swinging on the swings. Choose something that always made you smile and laugh as a kid. If you can find someone to join you, all the better.

Regardless, don't let prudish feelings of "this is silly - I'll look like a fool" hold you back. Let go and have fun. Forget about everything else for that half hour or so and be in the moment.

Day 4 - Make a list of 100+ things you are grateful for. Gratitude is powerful and practicing it daily can change your life in ways you never imagined. Sit down in a quiet place and write down at least 100 things. Read through it every day, and add to it often.

Day 5 - Call a friend that you've lost touch with. Reconnecting with an old friend will not only make you feel good, but will benefit your friend as well. Everyone loves to be remembered, so pick up the phone!

Day 6 - Start a project that you've wanted to do for awhile. It doesn't have to be something huge. But choose something that you enjoy and that you can finish within a few weeks to a few months.

Day 7 - Get rid of as much clutter as you can in at least one room in your home. This one may take a little longer than an hour, but if that is all the time you have, then make the most of it.

Clutter weighs us down and, according to Feng Shui experts, blocks the flow of energy. Get two boxes and label one for garbage and the other for a charity such as Good Will.

Start filling the boxes with things you haven't used in over a year. Chances are you never will and perhaps someone less fortunate could make good use of them. Don't spend a lot of time debating on any particular item. Trust me, this activity will have a very positive impact when you do it!

There you have it! If you do these activities over the course of 7 days (or every other day for 14 days if you are really strapped for time) you will feel lighter, more enthusiastic, and more energetic than you have in a long time. Guaranteed!

Don't stop after 7 days. Keep adding to your gratitude list, keep reconnecting with old friends, keep doing kind things for strangers or others, keep working on fun projects, keep dreaming big dreams and setting goals for your life, keep decluttering, and keep your childlike playfulness alive and well.

And watch the magic unfold!

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