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Telltale Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

It is never a good sign if you are questioning whether your spouse is cheating or not. That already means your relationship is already in trouble.

The question is, are your worries based on proof, something in particular you have noticed, or a feeling you have? And no matter how you answer any of those questions you should proceed with caution.

Before you decide to confront your spouse you should first determine if there is in fact cheating going on.

This article will go over some telltale signs your spouse is cheating and then you will have to decide what to do next. If some of them fit your situation you may decide to pursue it further and if not then maybe you are worried because you two are having trouble, not because there is a problem.

Cheating involves lies, lots of them. They lie about where they are, what they are doing, and they don’t share how they really feel. Those lies may be mixed in with some truth. But those lies will only be able to go on for so long before things start to fall apart and you will notice holes in the stories they have created.

Here are some signs that your spouse is cheating:

1. If your spouse already has a history of cheating they are more likely to fall back into that pattern.

2. The phone is a big indicator. Do they walk out of the room a lot when on the phone? Do they hide the phone bill? Started using phone cards? Do you notice unfamiliar phone numbers on the bill?

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3. If you find out your spouse had a secret PO Box.

4. You partner starts doing their own laundry, independently of the rest of the families. Or you notice clothes in the laundry that are new, specifically new underwear or panties.

5. Your spouse starts acting paranoid, feeling like you have been checking up on them.

6. Your partner never seems to answer their cell phone in a timely manner, if you try to contact them during the day. Or if they do answer they are not truthful about where they are. Or they claim, several times, that they have been having issues with their cell phone.

7. If you notice your spouse suddenly has a boost of self-confidence and is feeling mighty good about themselves, when it appears that nothing else has changed.

8. You smell an unfamiliar cologne or perfume on your partner’s clothes. Or you find unfamiliar jewelry in the car or glove compartment.

Do any of those seem familiar to you? Does your spouse do any or all of those things? If your spouse does fit into many of those signs, then you will have to decide what your next move it.

Perhaps you will want to hire a private investigator, or maybe it is time to confront your spouse and try to get the bottom of things once and for all. But be aware if you don’t have any proof, you spouse will probably deny everything.

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