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Solutions to Marriage Problems

You can fool yourself all you want, but your marriage is not perfect. You may have a good marriage, but nobody has a perfect marriage.

There will always be aspects of your marriage that could use a little tweaking or fine tuning. The trick is to know what areas that your marriage could use a little adjustment.

Think of it this way, we are all always evolving and changing. When you have two people doing that the relationship has to make adjustments to continue to flow.

And when those adjustments are not made problems come into play. This article is going to offer you some solutions to common marriage problems.

A big issue among couples is communication. Sometimes there is actually too much communication, meaning all the two of you do is pick on each other. If you are constantly complaining about every little thing your partner does, you are communicating too much.

The opposite is just as much a problem when there is no communication. Either you have just given up talking to each other due to not really caring. Or if you are afraid to offend the other and/or afraid by speaking up you will spark a fight.

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The solution for both of those problems is to take time out of your day when you are both calm and relatively happy and have a conversation. You are probably picking on each other because you are both stressed out about other bigger issues, so talk it out and figure out what those issues are and deal with those. And if you are afraid to talk because a fight might be the result you two need to find a way to talk about what is bothering you.

These days another problem is finding time, real time. I have two kids and already my partner and I end up splitting to take one to one sport and one to the other. People are so busy today and some couples don’t get to talk until bedtime and by then you are both too exhausted to have a real conversation, let alone time together.

The solution, what many couples fail to realize is that if the two of you are not happy it shows up in everything thing else. So it is essential that you find the time for each other so you can connect and then really be there for your kids.

That may mean scheduling dates and sex. And that sounds awful, but if you chose to put a positive spin on it you can make it work. How fun to know the day of date night that you get to dress up and spend time with your spouse. And later you two will get to be intimate and connect.

Or connect in little ways hold hands while you watch your child at a sporting event. Leave a quick sticky note on the bathroom mirror, saying you love them and can’t wait to see them later.

Every marriage has problems and if both partners want there to be, every marriage has solutions. This article just touches on a couple.

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