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Should You Marry Your Partner?

You have been dating your partner for two years and things have been going great. You love each other. You have a lot in common. You both work hard and want the same things.

You know it is probably time to take the next step. The problem is, it isn’t just a big step, it is a huge step and you want to be sure it is the right one.

You may think you and your partner have covered all the basis, but below is a list of questions you really need to make sure you have asked each other before you leap into marriage.

It is amazing how many couples do not know the answers to them and then can’t figure out why they fight after they get married.

• How much of your combined income will go for mortgage and to maintain the household?

• Who will be in charge of which chores inside the house and outside the house?

• What are your financial goals? How much do you want to put into savings? For trips?

• What is on your career goals list? Where do you each want to be in 5 years, 10 years, etc…?

• Do you both want children? How many? With one of you stay home with the children? If so which one and can you make it on one income?

• Do either of you have any issues about any major habits the other has, for example: smoking, drinking, overeating?

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• How do you feel about each other’s potential in laws? Will you be spending a lot or a little bit of time with them?

• What about being intimate with each other? Are you both satisfied with the amount of sex?

• How do we feel about the other’s friends? Do we have couples we can hang out with? Will we still go out with our friends, alone, together?

• What are your religious beliefs? If they are different will one of you switch? What if you have children, how will they be raised?

These are all very important questions to discuss before you make the decision to marry your partner. We all know people who have gotten divorced over money issues or because they just couldn’t find a way to communicate. You need to find out those things before you get married.

How well do you communicate now? That is going to be the foundation of your relationship. If you can’t talk to each other openly and honestly about the questions above before you get married you are going to have a seriously hard time once you get married.

So take the time now, go over these questions, if you find you are on opposite sides in some areas, can the two of you figure out a compromise? Are you willing to give a little to get a little? If you can’t compromise is it something you are willing to live with? For example, you want children, but your partner does not.

Can you live without having children? If not you may want to rethink getting married. If you want to really know if you should marry your partner you need to talk about what you both really want.

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