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Seven Secret Truths About Love

7 secret truths about love

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"This concise ebook had showen me what most people would never know about love. Start applying the techniques taught here and see a better relationship instantly!"

- Susan Brown, New Jersey

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Do you ever wonder if you'll ever find 'the one'? Is the history of your love life littered with tragic tales of "almost good enough" and "what the heck happened?"

You aren't alone!

Each day, all around you, people are meeting, mating and breaking up. The tales of great joy and great heartbreak abound. I don't know how long you've been searching for the right person, but I'm going to be that you:

  * Are wondering if you'll ever find him or her
  * Worry there might be something wrong with you
  * Have at least one ex in your life that you'd get back together with in a heartbeat if you knew you could make it work the second time around.
  * Need REAL information and REAL advice about love

If you're tired of the same rehashed advice from other so-called 'love experts', then I can help!
You don't need one more person to tell you that "time heals all wounds" or "it will work out if it's meant to be.."

Both of those attitudes are PASSIVE and will only hold you back in your search for love.
I'm also going to be that you already know where some of your problem areas are hiding. You know best whether you have a fear of intimacy, and how strong it is. You probably have a good idea of what went wrong in your past relationships as well.

What you might not know, however, are the 7 'secrets truths' about the relationship between real love and real intimacy.

Let me take you by the hand and show you these hidden truths...


The 7 Secret Truths About Love:

“How to Improve Your Relationships Virtually Overnight!”

Inside this ebook you’ll discover:

  * The difference between real intimacy versus pseudo-intimacy

  * Why 'Love' is an ACTION VERB

  * How and why it 'takes a village' to support a couple

  * Infatuation and lust versus love - what's the difference?

  * How real intimacy keeps passion alive and just gets hotter with each year... 

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7 Secret Truths About Love

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