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Save the Marriage Review - Lee Baucom

save the marriage reviewIf your marriage is going through a storm, should you fight or flee? The ‘Save the Marriage’ guide focuses on that important aspect in times of stress in a marriage.

Save the Marriage is a unique approach to marital dissention, written by Lee H. Baucom, and can even be used by one partner in the marriage in case their other doesn’t show interest in making things work. Matter of fact, the technique has been employed with success in cases where divorce proceedings were underway.

The self-help system is premised on the fact that a relationship is based on a mathematical formula which notes that if one side of an equation is altered, the other side ought to change too. This deviates heavily from the classic marriage counseling methods which bases its argument on the fact that a marriage is irreconcilable if one partner wants out.

In the Save the Marriage system, all these old-fashioned counseling techniques are literally quashed and it goes on to explain why these methods are generally unethical.

What you will find in Save The Marriage

There are four modules in the Save The Marriage guide. The modules are synergistically related, each acting as the support of the other. This relationship between the modules is what makes this system a complete source for saving a marriage, irrespective of what stage the marital discord is and the circumstances.

Module three comprises the system’s core, which elaborates the real causes of most marital problems and how they can be approached when trying to solve them.

save the marriage review

Here are the specific topics discussed in the system:

• The top five mistakes that couples make once a crisis sets in.

• How to avoid getting overwhelmed by emotion and actually start to act.

• The stages of marital crisis and how to determine which stage you and your partner are in.

• How to approach each stage

• What exactly you need to do to save your marriage – proven techniques

• Secrets of keeping happiness in a marriage

• How to build lasting intimacy

• Why you may not need marriage counseling

Any offers?

When you purchase the Save The Marriage system at $47, you will get four bonus items, plus a 60-day money back guarantee if you marriage fails even after applying the techniques elaborated. The bonuses include:

• Recording illustrating how to deal with mid-life crisis in a marriage

• A recording on how to make amends after an affair

• A report consisting of five rules of arguing in a fair way

• A special real-life example of a saved marriage told by the couple themselves.

Who should use Saving The Marriage?

As its title aptly suggests, this system is best suited for married couples. Besides showing how a marriage can be saved from falling apart, it also shows how marital problems can be prevented in the first place.


This system boasts of a 90 percent success rate, therefore, on that strong showing, it is definitely worth a read. Note that problems experienced in marriages greatly differ; while some problems will be easily sorted by applying some of the techniques in this system, some other problems may be a bit too complex. Nonetheless, you have more to gain from the book.

save the marriage review

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