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Typical Martial Problems That Often Cause Divorce

Are there problems in your marriage? Welcome to the club!

No marriage can escape obstacles, but just as in dealing with life it is all about how you handle those obstacles that determines whether your marriage has a shot at making it long term or if divorce will be in your future.

Marriage takes not only hard work but also a willingness to want to do that work.

In knowing that all marriages, at one time or another have issues and that many of those issues are the same marriage to marriage makes it easier to look at them and discuss them openly.

By knowing what the typical marital problems that often cause divorce are you can be aware and on the lookout for them, because if you can spot them early on, you can open the lines of communication and deal with them. However if you wait and let it build walls and resentment there will come a point when nothing can help and divorce will be inevitable.

On top of typical martial issues, life gets in the way too. Our everyday stress can invade a marriage and make everything, every issue, ten times worse than it would normally be. So it is important to take all of that into account before you decide to call it quits and head to the courthouse and file for divorce. Other questions to ask yourself include:

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• Do you find ways to be away from your spouse?

• Are you thinking about having an affair, or are you already having one?

• Do you feel like divorce is the only option?

• Does one of you asking the other one anything land you in an argument?

• Are you so tired of fighting that you can’t even find the energy to do it anymore?

• Does the thought of having sex with your partner make you cringe?

• Is all that you feel now resentment?

• Does everything your significant other bother you now, every little thing?

After answering all of those, realize even if you answered yes to most or all of them, that does not mean your marriage is over. It does however probably mean you and your spouse are in some serious trouble if you don’t make some decisions right away.

You both have to first decide if you are willing to make the necessary commitment to work on and fix whatever is going on. If one of you is not, then there isn’t much to be done, however if you are both willing to try, make the commitment then you have a shot.

You may want to consider getting some outside help. Someone who is not immersed in the situation can sometimes offer an outside perspective. Getting stuck in a relationship when one partner is not willing to do the work is no healthy for anyone.

But having two willing partners, your marriage has a shot at being pulled back together. So, before you go running to file for divorce, take a look at the root of the problems and take the right steps to fix those issues.

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