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Tips To Help You Save Marriage Alone

If you are currently in a situation where your marriage is suffering and you need to take things into your own hands, you are not alone.

Many individuals have reached a point where they know it will be up to them to turn the tides of the relationship and ignite the spark that once was.

Perhaps you have wronged your partner and are seeking forgiveness or you know they are more stubborn than you and have a tougher time with change. Although it can be a tough process, there are tips to help you save marriage alone.

First, Don’t Give Up!

You may be feeling despair and wondering if it’s even worth it but rest assured, marriage is always worth the fight. Unless you are in a situation of violence or abuse, marriage is a sacred union which should be protected and fought for at all costs.

Even though you are alone in the uphill climb, don’t give in to the sadness. Instead approach this time in your relationship with courage and fortitude for although it will be challenging, trying to introduce positive change, you can do it!

Take it One Step at a Time.

Rather than try and address all the problems you can think of in your marriage, begin with the most primary causes for the conflicts. Take things little by little. Decide on a common theme or consistent pattern you have noticed and decide to work on that first.

Communication is often a good place to start because many marriages fail due to errors in how things are discussed. Try to open up a dialogue and listen intently to your partner to find out what he or she is feeling and experiencing.

From there you can begin to rebuild your foundation. Rather than taking defensive measures to arm yourself against the onslaught of attacks you may be used to from your spouse, instead try and focus on positive change.

For example, if your partner is angry because you haven’t been honest; begin expressing your deepest feelings openly to let them know you are putting yourself on a limb and offering vulnerability. Simply work on this until improvement commences.

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How to Apologize

If you have wronged your spouse in some way, it will be necessary to apologize. You cannot simply say, “I’m sorry” and expect forgiveness though. When you apologize it is important you not only say you are sorry but elaborate on how what you did must have affected the other person.

By empathizing with them you are showing how truly sorry you are and also how in tune with them you can be as well. Your ability to remove your ego will go a long way in improving the sincerity of your apology.


If you don’t know how to fix specific conflicts within your marriage; seek help. There is a wealth of information online which can direct you and give you decent ideas on what to do. Researching credible self help sites, articles and books will give you the info you need to proceed as well as the benefit of hopeful resolution once put into practice.

If you prefer, you can also speak with a marriage counselor, psychologist or perhaps a clergy member or pastor at a local church. These authorities are trained to guide and assist individuals in marital tactics and disputes and you will be in capable hands.

Be cautious about seeking guidance from friends or family members as their advice will be biased and full of opinion which could undermine your marriage rather than help. It is better to work on this privately rather than involve the whole family.

Express Yourself

While you don’t need to come crawling on your knees to your spouse, you should be open to a dialogue regarding your thoughts on saving the marriage. You should certainly let them know you are looking into ways to make things better and improve yourself.

This will give them a sense of confidence that things could change for the better and also they will be aware of your progression through the transformations you make.

While your partner may not go on the journey with you, following the tips to help you save marriage alone will get you started in the right direction. Eventually your positive example will catch up to your spouse and they will want to make the effort along side you. Be patient with them and you throughout this process and you will be able to bring back the love you once had.

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