Save Your Relationship

Saving a Marriage Requires Work From Both Parties

Marriage involves two people making a vow to spend the life together, through ups and downs, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

As it involves the lives of two people, saving a marriage also requires work from both parties otherwise the whole relationship will fail.

Conflicts could never be avoided in a relationship and it is a normal thing to encounter among married couples but one must remember that for things to go back to the way they were, the two people involved should make an effort to make things right.

Marriage counseling and therapy sessions can do a lot of help to make a marriage work but constant basic communication with each other can also be a big help.

1) Show your willingness to iron out the conflicts.

As marriage is a commitment between two people, it is important to let your spouse know that you are willing to solve any problems that the two of you have. Be sure that the both of you are willing to work things out – conflicts would never be solved if the other party is not willing to have it resolved.

2) Stop the blame game.

The problem with facing conflicts in a marriage or in any relationship for that matter is that couples tend to blame each other for any mistakes that could have been avoided. Blaming the other could only lead to more problems. Instead, acknowledge your own faults and shortcomings in the relationship and resolve to improve your efforts on the marriage.

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3) Tackle your problems and avoid shouting.

When it comes to saving a marriage, communication is always the key. It would help a lot if you kept open communication lines and that there are no secrets between the both of you. Discuss your problems one by one, including the things you do not exactly like the other to be doing, but keep an open mind. It would also help a lot if the two of you discuss this in a calm manner as shouting towards each other would just make communication difficult and could lead to even more conflicts.

4) Express your happiness.

Although you may be complaining that your spouse had given you nothing but pain, troubles and disappointments, this may not always be the case. Surely, there has been a point in your marriage wherein your spouse had been able to make you smile and laugh. Try to reminisce those times and discuss them. When your spouse does something that makes you happy, also express that feeling and tell your other half how thankful you are because of his or her efforts and gestures.

5) Do activities together.

Saving a marriage also involves spending more time with each other, particularly in things that are done by regular couples. Do activities that you love doing together. Were there things that you enjoyed while the two of you were still dating? Why not bring back that memory and do it all over again? Such activities can help rekindle the flame and bring out the passion and intensity of love that you used to have for each other.

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