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Personal Empowerment in Relationships

I am a big believer in the “how can anyone love you, if you do not love yourself”? And I believe that ties very directly to personal empowerment because how you feel about yourself comes across in every relationship you have in your life.

Personal empowerment can literally make or break a relationship. This article is going to explore why it is so very important that you are personally empowered before you enter into any kind of relationship.

For one, people will treat you the same way you feel about yourself. They can absolutely sense it if you lack self-confidence. They pick up on your subtle cues and that is what will come back to you. For example, back to that lack of self-confidence.

If you lack self-confidence you will probably find yourself coming into contact with people who are aggressive or who can be intimidating which will just seem to make things for you worse. It comes down to realizing that if you don’t have self-confidence in yourself, don’t expect others to have any self-confidence in you.

When you are empowered and feel good about yourself, others see that as strength and will treat you accordingly, meaning more healthy relationships.

Secondly, you will notice, and it will bother you, the personality traits you dislike about yourself in others. For example, my son drives me nuts sometimes because he thinks in very black and white terms.

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But if I take a step back, I find that I do that as well sometimes. And if you are the type of person who lacks in self-confidence then you may find yourself having a hard time placing your confidence in other people around you.

When you are empowered and feeling self-confident then you will attract the same type of people into your life.

The third reason you need to be personally empowered is because if you aren’t you will find that you are always looking to everyone around you for validation and reassurance. Instead of feeling and exuding self-assurance to yourself and others, you will appear to be needy and very insecure.

This will put a strain on the relationship because the other person will continually feel like he or she has to make sure you are feeling confident and that will result in the other person pushing you away.

Empowerment is all about how you truly feel about yourself and no one can change that for you. It is purely your responsibility to empower yourself and to be confident and respectful of yourself which will in turn create respect and confidence back from others.

In order for a relationship, be it friendship or a partner, to work both parties need to be personally empowered before beginning the relationship. When you empower yourself you bring a much stronger person who is able to be more loving because you love yourself, able to be more respectful because you respect yourself, and don’t need anyone to validate who you are because you already know you are a good person and other people will respect that.

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