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How to Reconcile Your Marriage?

In order to reconcile your marriage at least one person has to be willing to consider it. And I assume if you are reading this then you are the one wanting to try to repair your marriage.

It is of course much easier to reconcile your marriage if both partners are willing, but it can be done with just one wanting to begin the process. Just understand that even after implementing these strategies, your partner must get on board at some point, to reconcile your marriage.

The first strategy is to stop beating a dead horse, so to speak. You both already know what the issues are you have probably been fighting about them for years. By bringing them up again, all you are doing is bringing them to the center. This creates more stress and pressure and those are the things you are trying to eliminate.

The next strategy is all about what you should be focusing on. The goal of this strategy is to take the negative feelings that are there, and heal, by creating positive feelings. And that is not saying you shouldn’t at some point deal with the problems you do have, because if you don’t they will just come up again and again. However, now is the time to find some feelings that make you both feel good about the other person otherwise you have nowhere to begin.

Another strategy is to take you both back to how it began. How did you two feel about each other at the beginning? Why did you feel that way? Sit down with your spouse and tell him or her why you fell in love with them. Hopefully that will trigger some memories for them too, that they will share about why they fell in love with you. Then that should snowball into remembering other good, happy, positive memories.

You can’t go back to the past, but you can remind the both of you why you got married in the first place. If you fell in love with your partner’s romantic side, does he or she still do romantic things? If you your partner fell in love with your adventurous side, have you done anything spontaneous lately. It can show you what you loved about the other person and maybe show you something that you forgot about yourself.

Finally, a mistake that lots of folks make is allowing them to get stuck. People make the mistake of thinking back to the past and focusing on all the things that have changed that they have no control over.

We all age, nothing you can with that. And when people start thinking that way they give up not thinking it through, because guess what, your spouse is older too. We all change, but if we can show the other person we love them changes and all, then there is a shot at reconciliation.

Reconciling your marriage will not be easy, but if you are determined and willing to implement the above strategies then you and your spouse have a shot at making repairing the damage and reconciling your marriage.

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