Save Your Relationship

How To Stop A Divorce And Rebuild Your Life

Statistically speaking nearly half of all marriages result in divorce today and the heartache caused by the breaking of family bonds and honored commitment is becoming relatively common.

If you are struggling with your marriage and want to know how to stop a divorce and rebuild your life, there are options.

The journey will require patience and fortitude from both partners but ultimately it will lead to a very fulfilling future.

Marriage is Bliss Myth

While marriage CAN BE blissful, it isn’t naturally that way. If you are considering a split because of constant fighting or disagreements which seem to escalate and can’t be bridged, perhaps you should weigh your marital ideals. Did you think it would be simple to be married? If so, perhaps you should consider the huge differences between male and female for starters.

Men think. Women feel.

The bottom line is if you expect your partner to be like you, think like you or act like you then you are missing the point of union. A union consists of the merging of two individuals, not the transformation of one into the other. If this occurs, well of course there is no bliss. One partner is unhappy or both because of a focus on trying to be like the other.

Instead consider marriage takes patience. It takes determination and understanding to be able to relate to the other sex. If you can embrace what makes you different and accentuate the positives, then yes – marriage can be bliss. All alone, without effort, however, marriage is a struggle.

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Address Your Vows

Do you remember the day you were married? When you gazed into each others eyes with trepidation and excitement and spoke those sacred vows which meant so much to you? What happened to them? Do you even remember what they were? Has so much time and muddy water passed between you that you cannot recall?

Perhaps it is now time to get out those vows and read them again. This is for your own individual reminder, not to point fingers at your spouse or showcase where they have fallen short. Reading your vows can do a lot to instill a renewed commitment.

If you don’t recall or have your old vows, then find new ones which you can say on special occasion to one another to remind each other you are committed still. There is something about speaking aloud vows which provides couples with an intimacy unlike anything else. This moment of pure openness and trying will create a bond or firm up a broken chord between you.

Seek Help

Should you find yourself unable to compromise or communicate with patience or headway, perhaps it is time to seek assistance for your marital turmoil. Often couples find having a third party who is unbiased analyze their troubles is more beneficial than going back and forth in repeated patterns.

Seek out marriage counselors, pastors or church officials or other licensed experts who can help you focus on the important aspects of your marriage. There is no shame in doing so and it only says you care enough about your marriage that you want to fix it, no matter what. Although this may be a last resort, it is often a successful one.

Whichever way you decide on how to stop and divorce and rebuild your life, you should be successful simply because you are seeking answers. If you are united in the goal of creating a better foundation and igniting your love once again, you should be able to build a life together which is harnessed in respect and understanding.

relationship recovery

relationship recovery