Save Your Relationship

How To Get Them To Fall Back In Love With You

Are you looking for ways to get back with your ex? Have you ended a relationship and will do anything to get it back?

The first thing I am going to tell you is stop. Think clearly. Think strategically. What is the best approach you can take that will guarantee your best chance of success at getting back together?

How To Get Them To Fall Back In Love With You

The magic is going from your relationship and your partner doesn't seem to be trying very hard. How do you get them to fall back in love with you?

You really want to make it work, to bring back the fireworks, but your partner has drifted away. He or she is still affectionate at times, so you know there is still a little something there. Your problem is to recreate those wonderful days and nights of your early romance.

Disinterest and outside influences are often the cause of the growing apart. Sometimes the fly-in-the-ointment is one or both careers.

Picture two people as separate circles of equal size. When they enter a relationship those circles overlap with them both being together in the center. As the develop careers, their individual circles expand beyond their joint circle. That expansion does not include their partner.

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As both careers expand, the couple has less and less shared experiences and professional interests. It is the rare couple who expand their personal mutual circle at the same time as their careers are growing. Often couples grow apart because of the outside interests.

Faced with a diminishing relationship, what can you do the make the other party love you as in the beginning? Go back to the beginning and evaluate what brought you together in the first place. What made you both fall in love?

The changes that have occurred may be the cause of the growing disinterest. Maybe the couple doesn't "date" anymore. Maybe they have outside interests, other than careers, that don't include their partner. Maybe one or both have gained weight or had some other physical change that lessened their physical attractiveness.

There is no perfect cure-all to a relationship that will make him or her fall back in love with you. But, you have to try and recapture as much as those early days of romance as you can.

Recreate as many as possible of the early conditions of your relationship. Analyze what has changed about you and your partner and make a huge effort to change yourself back into the person they fell in love with.

Go on a diet and join a gym to get lean and fit. Ladies, recreate your early days hairstyle, start wearing clothes like you did then. Guys, if you lost your hair, you can't do much about that unless your vanity demands a "rug" for the top, so lean and fit will have to do.

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Make an honest effort to participate in joint outside activities. Even if this means becoming a sports spectator (ladies) or learning how to be an outdoor cook (guys) so you can entertain friends.

Be sexy, considerate lovers. A renewed physical relationship that recaptures the passion you felt in the beginning will go a long way towards stoking the furnace again.

Anyone can be a better lover. What it takes is tuning into your partner's needs and offering them more of what opens their minds and bodies. Relearn all of their "hot" spots and be open to receiving their love in return.

Get back into each others bodies. Teach each other once again, how you like to be touched and cuddled. Make love to them the way you want to be made love to. Show them by gesture and example what they should do in return.

Rediscovering a good sexual relationship can be the basis for a renewed love affair with your partner. It is often what started the relationship, so it is what can renew and fire it up again.

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