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Guidelines to Prevent Divorce

When two individuals, in love, agree to a lifetime of commitment in marriage, simply saying “I do” does not always make matrimony a lasting venture. This long term togetherness will take work and effort from both partners.

In fact, nearly half of all American marriages will end in divorce. If you want to know the secrets of a lasting marriage, follow these guidelines to prevent divorce.

First, it’s helpful to take a look at the main causes for divorce. Knowing what they are and how to prevent them will ensure you and your partner enjoy a successful marriage which grows with time.


Couples who rush into marriage without considering the basic principals or values which are prominent with each individual will struggle over time to accept one another. Generally these inherent ideals are established through family belief systems stemming from childhood into adulthood. The following values become more prominent as spouses realize they are either compromising beliefs or not living the life they view as imperative to their happiness.

• Religious or Spiritual Beliefs

• Financial Values

• Child Rearing Views

• Sexual Ideals

• Stress Management

• Long Term Goals

In order to prevent divorce it is important you and your partner sit down and outline your belief systems in reference to the above belief systems. If you do not agree on certain issues, it will be detrimental to the relationship unless you can learn to understand and accept each others differing viewpoints.

Once you have established both sides, you can then begin to determine where compromises must be made and evaluate the scenarios which may arise in the long run based on these distinct principals. It will also be beneficial to evaluate where your belief systems are rooted; for example, the way you were raised or your parents views which have seeped into your life vision.

Determine if this outlook is correct or perhaps you are able to change for the better. Once you have a resolution, put into practice the compromises you have made and insure you are considerate about your partners’ beliefs. Remember the choice could be between losing your partner or your beliefs so weigh the consequences wisely.


In the beginning stages of any relationship or marriage, couples often spend adequate amounts of time discussing ideas, conversing and generally getting to know one another. What transpires over time is a drifting away as the mundane settles into a marriage. It is essential to continue to communicate as it is one of the most prominent guidelines to prevent divorce.

Set aside time each day to converse and continue learning about your spouse. Change is an inherent part of life and individualism; as partners change it is important to insure your marriage is keeping up with the new growth. The repercussion of not communicating is a shutting down of both partners and eventually a boredom or loneliness.

Retrospectively, it is essential to communicate effectively. Knowing how to handle disputes without raising your voice or becoming angry or frustrated is a key element to a successful marriage. Each and every marriage will have its ups and downs and because you are both individuals, you will not always agree. Having a game plan for when these disputes arise will help you to maintain peace and harmony.

To do this, both partners must learn how to listen. Hearing your spouse from the heart will give them a feeling of satisfaction that they are understood, even if you don’t always agree. Knowing why your spouse feels the way they do will help you to consider whether a compromise or change can be made. Remember it is never important to know who is right or wrong but rather how to help solve the problems which may arise in your marriage.

Quality Time

Another reason why many marriages fail is they forget to spend quality time with each other. Often, children, work and other commitments take precedence and couples find themselves sacrificing their marriage to the list of priorities they have created. While having mutual goals and working towards success is important, so is insuring the closeness and strength you have together.

Having date nights, time set aside or taking small trips will help you to not only get to know your partner but relive your freedom together. At one point in your relationship it was just the two of you with less responsibility and it is good to go back to that feeling when nothing else in the world mattered. Once in awhile, place practicality on the back burner and relish the moments you have together as a married couple. Celebrate your love and continue growing, exploring and getting to know your partner.

By establishing a solid foundation in the beginning of your marriage, you will help maintain a happy and peaceful household. Following these guidelines to prevent divorce will provide a path for you to remain in the half percentile which remains married and happy for a lifetime.

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