Save Your Relationship

Great Ways to Saving a Marriage

If you and your spouse have been struggling but are both committed to each other and want to find great ways to saving a marriage, there are easy ways to address common concerns.

Ironically, with all the unique individuals out there, the main issues which consistently arise within marriages are not so uncommon.

These patterns happen in many marriages and therefore if addressed can save many heartaches.

What it takes to save a marriage

In order to rectify or solve marital issues, it takes not only a great deal of patience and determination but BOTH partners must be on board. You cannot hope to save your marriage through simple thought or one sided attempts. A marriage takes both individuals to make it work and therefore to fix what is broken, it will also take you both.

It is important to sit down and have a serious discussion about these great ways to saving a marriage. While you may think it goes without saying by having the discussion that you are going to both focus on the “saving” you are both setting a goal for the future and foundation of your togetherness.

Not only do both partners need to be on board but both partners must be completely open in the effort. Forget about who was wronged and who is right in any situation. Instead you will need to begin focusing on the differences between you which seem to create conflict.

Where does the conflict originate? What is the primary conflict and what are the less substantial conflicts which have a tendency of showing up in your relationship? By writing out the problems you have you both can agree on what they are and narrow down the issues instead of living with a general feeling of unhappiness.

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A new way to approach problems

Have you ever experienced a guided meditation? Within the meditation a person is asked to sit and relax and allow the thoughts to simply drift in and out of the mind. Then a person may take a particular thought or problem and look at it objectively, as if they are holding it up before them simply acknowledging it rather than judging.

Using this technique in your marriage will transform the way you deal with issues. By listening and allowing what the other person says to simply be there to look at you will develop a thought process which is less likely to be defensive or aggressive.

The goal is to remove the emotion from the problem. If your spouse says something about you, consider it as critical advice rather than negative judgments. Of course try and avoid stating things in a way that promotes defense or sounds accusatory. Really work on evaluating each other and stepping into the shoes of your partner.

Not only will you both finally receive the understanding you have been seeking, you will begin to create a more productive way to solve problems together whether related to your marriage or anything else.

In determining great ways to saving a marriage, you must be willing to put yourself out there and have your heart on your sleeve so to speak. There is no sense in making half attempts, you are either both completely determined and committed to fixing your marriage or not.

Let your heart guide you but keep your emotions on a more objective level so your expressions are less hasty and your words are spoken with clarity rather than harshness.

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