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Dealing With A Crisis In Your Marriage

Many couples experience a marital melt down once in awhile. It’s a natural part of the growing pains of marriage.

Dealing with a crisis in your marriage can be difficult if you are particularly focused on an outside issue such as a death in the family or disaster.

Regardless of the reasons, it is important to step outside your own emotional attachments to the situation and begin to evaluate the effects on your marriage.

How Crisis May Occur

A marriage crisis is typically a climactic period when high levels of stress or unaddressed conflicts have reached a boiling point. The high levels of anxiety, tension and emotion begins to break down the foundation of your relationship as a couple and a pattern develops. Over time that pattern becomes a crisis in that there seems to be a continuous repetition in the nature of the argument, communication or level of understanding.

Couples may reach a crisis through devastating circumstances which could involve the loss of a loved one, natural disasters, illness, and loss of employment or other unforeseen events. These stressful periods take their toll on a marriage if both partners do not bear the burden together. Sometimes a pattern of accusation or blame transpires and is followed by resentment, bitterness and anger.

A marital crisis can also be less dramatic yet evolve over time. A breakdown of communication due to misunderstandings is one example. Couples who consistently have repeated arguments only to end feeling unheard or unresolved can eventually develop a rift which destroys the foundation of partnership between them.

After so many negative moments, a marriage can no longer handle the tenuous interaction and individuals begin to draw away from one another. It is times like these when many couples begin affairs or consider separation and divorce.

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Contractual Obligation

Any married couple knows they have made sacred contractual vows which stress the importance of “for better or for worse.” Yet when dealing with a crisis in your marriage, this is often forgotten.

It is easy to stand beside your spouse during the “for better” phase of your marriage but when trials ensue your marital strength is truly put to the test. By remembering your obligation to one another you can reinforce the goal of handling life’s’ challenges together rather than individually.

A crisis is simply a high level of emotional anguish which can wound deeply and cause long term scars. Broken trust, domestic abuse or a lack of respect are all examples of crisis which should be avoided at all costs for if they occur, it is difficult to mend.

If you are experiencing another more general crisis, perhaps you may consider seeking marital counseling or the help of a pastor or church official. Any intermediary is sufficient so long as they are unbiased and experienced in handling marital problems.

Turning Point

In order to get through a crisis together, you must see past the event or circumstances. Looking forward at the future together can give you the strength to get through the present. Often a crisis will occur and eventually strengthen a marriage, so long as both partners struggle through together.

The inevitable bond and fortification of the marriage which ensues from triumphantly overcoming a struggle together is incredible. More marriages are enhanced through overcoming challenges.

By moving together in the same direction, you can learn how dealing with a crisis in your marriage is actually beneficial and can offer a new beginning rather than an end. This positive outlook will ensure you are determined to face life head on holding hands rather than independently. This successful and optimistic approach is what marriage is about and why sharing difficulties with the person you love most is a blessing regardless of the circumstances.

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