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Whether you want to admit it or not, there comes a time in every relationship when the passion and sparkle fade away.

And if you do nothing about it, you risk living as strangers and even seeking new partners, which can create a multitude of problems.

There are many reasons why romance fades. For committed partners, settling into a routine of household, financial and child-rearing responsibilities is the fastest way that romance dies.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can re-ignite the fire in your relationship and feel attracted to your partner with the same passion as you did when you had just met them.

Some people think that romance is something trivial and as long as the other responsibilities are catered for, a relationship will go on. On the contrary, romance plays a crucial part to the health of your relationship, as well as your well being.

Romance is all about celebrating and appreciating your partner and if it dies, it means one of you will feel unappreciated. Many times, this is the beginning of a break up. Here are a few attitudes you can adopt to bring romance back into your relationship.

Be compassionate: In the beginning, your partner may seem like perfect but with time, you will start to notice some ‘faults’. Accept that they are human and they will most certainly do things that you will not like sometimes.

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Other times, your partner will do things that are downright disappointing. Expect this and know that it happens in every relationship. Have some compassion and accept your partner as they are. Remember, your partner’s imperfections do not mean that they don’t love you.

Communicate negative emotions: Whenever you feel that you’ve been hurt, talk about it. The worst thing you could do is to keep it to yourself. When you feel angry, or want something to change, or when you feel needy, or when you feel disappointed, communicate these negative emotions.

Most people tend to want to keep negative emotions to themselves because they think they are sparing their partner the anger. The truth is that you’ll just be silently emitting poison into your relationship. Get out whatever is bothering you in the open and try to resolve it with your partner.

Celebrate your partner everyday: This doesn’t seem easy on the face of it but one way to go about it is to live each day as if it were your last together. You don’t have to be fatalistic but for one reason or another, today might be the last day you spend time with your partner so cherish it.

Connect physically everyday: This may be touching, kissing and the like. For any relationship to last, you need to have some form of physical connection that is regular. If you’ve not been physical for a while, it may feel awkward and you’ll not feel as romantic at first but try to connect physically and sexually even if it feels artificial. As you get more physical, you’ll find that the romance will slowly be coming back and eventually, your relationship will be rejuvenated.

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