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Satisfaction In Marriage

Finding satisfaction in your marriage can be quite difficult after the first few years of marriage. There are several possible reasons for why marriages become less satisfactory which include: a natural rebound, emotional erosion and motivational erosion.

This article will take a look at all three of those. Keep in mind there could be more than one affecting your marriage.

I could be a little of a couple or a little of all three. It could also be just one that contributes to the decline in marital satisfaction.

Natural Rebound

We have all heard the term, “honeymoon period”. It is defined as the beginning of any relationship. During this time frame you both love everything about the other person, or anything you don’t like, you overlook because there are enough good things to out weight the bad things.

This time fools a lot of us into getting into marriage before the natural rebound happens. It is kind of like a drug, at the beginning the drug feels good and it is an easy high. But as time goes on it gets harder to get that high and you naturally come down.

In a relationship the endorphins keep you going for a while, but eventually you come back down to earth and have to deal with real life issues. This is when the levels of satisfaction drop in a marriage.

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Emotional Erosion

Once a couple gets married, it is impossible to avoid conflicts and arguments. If as a couple you do not have a healthy way of communicating with each other will begin to resent the other person from all those negative, and unresolved emotions will begin to tear at whatever foundation you two have.

How you and your partner handle the stress that every relationship creates can depend greatly on how well the two of you adapt and compromise with the other. If you handle it badly you will become less and less satisfied with your marriage.

Motivational Erosion

When you first get married, you are both very supportive of the other. You want your partner to reach his or her goals. So you encourage him or her to go for it and you really mean it. You want your partner to do well, and to be happy. But as time goes on and it gets harder to be motivated for yourself, let alone your partner.

Or your significant other has changed his or her mind five times in the last five years. So you just don’t have it in you to be encouraging or supportive any more. When one or both of you stops motivating the other the motivational erosion begins.

People wonder why everyone says marriage is hard work. The three topics just covered are three very good reasons for why. You have to work to keep things interesting and new to continually float above the day to day.

You have to work to communicate so the everyday stresses in life don’t destroy your foundation. And you a have to work so you remember the importance of supporting and motivating your spouse as it is equally important that your spouse supports and motivates you. All of the three contribute to whether you will be satisfied in your marriage.

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