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Regardless of whether your relationship is astoundingly good, just so-so or particularly bad, there is always room for improvement. Below are a few terrific tips for a good relationship with your partner.

Feeling Loved

Everyone wants to feel loved, cherished and appreciated. The trouble is, sometimes we forget to give love. Instead of constantly receiving, try doing a few of these things together to help each other feel constant love.

• Be Affectionate

Hugs, kisses, back rubs, softly touching a cheek, cuddling, teasing, playing and gesturing to show love and attraction are all ways where you can show affection.

• Give Compliments Freely

Saying, you look nice, you smell good, you are beautiful or handsome or simply acknowledging something nice about the other person will go a long way.

• Communicate Love and Emotions

Sending thoughtful messages, leaving love notes on a mirror, talking about why you love someone or simply telling them often how much they mean is effective communication for feeling loved. Just expressing you are thinking of them is often enough.

Discussing Problems

Sometimes talking about negative things between you or problems you have is difficult to do. Here are a few more tips for a good relationship with your partner involving healthy discussions.

• Take Turns

Don’t interrupt. Allow each other to speak freely and feel heard. Acknowledge what they have said before responding. Always be sure you understand exactly what your partner meant before continuing.

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• Vent or Fix?

Women like to vent and men like to fix. Establish what it is your partner is doing. Do they need empathy or help solving a problem. Before assuming, try and know the intention of the conversation.

• Offense or Defense?

Don’t come at your partner offensively or build defensive walls. Instead come to the conversation with openness, maturity and a willingness to learn and grow.

Maintaining Passion

Every relationship needs an injection of passion. It’s like a well oiled car which purrs soothingly and contently when driven. Here are a few suggestions for a passionate long term love affair both in bed and out.

• Discover Each Other

Always. Try new things together and surprise each other with new approaches. Not strictly in bed but in life. Be playful and exploratory. Have an open mind and be willing to meet your partners’ fantasies when possible. A passionate exploration of life will instill a hot and steamy desire for one another.

• Romance Not Feigned

Always have romance but work out what suits you. The last thing you want is for romance to be a chore. Figure out what you both enjoy as romantic together. Is it candles, bubble baths, champagne or evenings out? Know what works and decide on something together which will appease you both.

By following these tips for a good relationship with your partner; your lives will be enriched. Not only will you be capable of providing what your partner constantly needs; you will no doubt receive with equal enthusiasm. A lasting relationship is always one worked on together.

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