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Common Relationship Problems

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Every relationship is steeped in a bath of turmoil now and again. Sometimes it is hot and sometimes it’s cold. Knowing the most common relationship problems will allow you to be aware and maintain a happy steamy time together.

Generally speaking, the 5 most common relationship problems are:

• Boredom
• Communication
• Trust
• Outside Influences
• Destructive Behavior


To get away from the same old thing, simply learn spontaneity together. You don’t have to do something drastic. Try sleeping naked once in awhile or putting some music on and rocking out! Be silly and do things together as a couple – different things.

Don’t make the same plans every weekend or you will both feel stagnation over time. Enjoy each other as you used to when things were fresh and your sense of adventure was prompted by the newness of each other.


Learning to communicate is not easy between the sexes. Men think and women feel. It is important to understand each other and be able to relate. Some couples simply forget to talk at all.

Always spend time just catching up and sharing your thoughts with each other. The deeper the communication, the better. Once you begin a pattern of excellent communication, you will find the idea will stick and become a very positive habit.

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This is by far one of the most common relationship problems. Trust can be broken so easily and is very tenuous to rebuild. Damaging words, infidelity and deceit can all contribute to a breakdown of trust. It is important to ALWAYS be honest with each other.

Even if the truth hurts, it is better than being caught in a lie. If your partner knows you can be counted on to tell the truth no matter what, they will inevitably reciprocate and feel confident in the relationship. Every couple should take serious care of established trust and guard it against destruction.

Outside Influences

Sometimes the diversity between friends and/or relatives can create tension in a relationship. If either individual has complaints regarding friendships or family members it is important to discuss these things. Reversely, should friends or family disrespect your relationship in any way, it is important to set boundaries.

Keep in mind the open air of cooperation and compromise with your partner. You never want to create a rift of bitterness or regret. Likewise, it is important never to place your partner in a position where they must choose between you or others they love. Try to be amiable and avoid conflicts.

Destructive Behavior

Some relationships suffer from one or both partners engaging in destructive behaviors much to the chagrin of the other. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography and many other addictions can contribute. If these tendencies are present, it is important to get your partner help.

Another form of destructive behavior is abuse. Abuse of any kind cannot be tolerated in a successful relationship. Abuse can come in many forms from emotional, mental and physical. It is important to seek help in any case or walk away from these problems as they tend to escalate if they are not fixed.

Although couples go through a myriad of tensions and growing pains, these are generally the most common relationship problems which can occur. To foresee them and be able to address them as they arise will allow for a mutual contentiousness and understanding.

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