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Many couples go through periods of turmoil during their relationship. Often it is difficult to determine whether these times are serious complications or simply growing pains.

Arguments, eruptions or emotional negativity may take place and the question gnaws; do you need relationship advice?

By taking a look at some of the issues you may be dealing with you can determine whether or not you need to take steps to secure the longevity of your partnership.

Arguments or Disputes

If you are having more lengthy disputes or heated arguments lately, there could be underlying problems triggering these tedious conversations. If the topics in question are related to any of the following, you may want to consider seeking counsel to help you through:

-Religious or Spiritual Beliefs


-Family Views




Generally these are the main reasons why couples develop problems. A differing opinion on life views related to ingrained belief systems could contribute to many arguments over the years. While it is not impossible to maintain a long term relationship with someone who holds an incongruent ideal, it can be trying and you may require assistance working through these problematic views.

Often these things don’t show up right away in a relationship because both partners were initially oblivious to the concern, however, once they do begin to surface, they are of paramount importance to both individuals. This is why there becomes a need for serious contemplation and communication.

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Sometimes after the romance of the beginning of a relationship dies down, a couple will find themselves lulled into comfort ability and forget to continue communicating. Communication is the way in which couples learn about each other. When the communication fails, it is often due to a lack of trying from one or both individuals in the relationship.

Within the comfort, you or your partner may think it is unnecessary to continue exploring each others thoughts and ideas and sink into a rut of silent introspection. This ultimately leads to either distance or boredom.

Do you need relationship advice when you stop communicating? Possibly. First you can try setting aside certain times in the day or evening where you sit and talk with your partner. Sometimes by simply creating this ritual, you will open the door up again for closeness and connection.

Sex Life

Most couples begin to fear their relationship is coming to an end when the passion begins to fade and sex is not as high on the priority list. While it is true, intimacy is an important aspect of a successful partnership, it isn’t always a sign of a relationships end.

Love making will lose its savor after two people have been together for a time. It doesn’t mean the love isn’t there but unfortunately after a while the challenge and chase are over and there may be less of a desire to constantly impress and romance the other. This can be especially difficult to men who tend to create a sense of love and connection through the bond of intimacy.

Guys will compare the quality of their relationship to the quality of their time in the bedroom. Women on the other hand are not as programmed to need the constant sexual contact and are happy with simple affection for a while. Both however will become distant and estranged if your sex life ends.

It is important to discuss the concerns when they arise in order to avoid a rift between you and your partner. Also, this could point to underlying relationship troubles such as lack of interest, infidelity, trust issues or self esteem problems. You should seek advice if you have tried and yet your sex life is not improved.

If you find yourself facing any of these concerns, try taking things into your own hands first by addressing your views of life, communication and sex life first. In other words, do you need relationship advice or is this merely a phase in your togetherness where you have reached a plateau and need to reignite?

If you have tried everything and still cannot seem to get connected, you may want to reach out for help. Counseling, reading helpful articles or relationship books can help. Try to work on this together as much as possible so you both can feel confident you are invested in making things better as a unit rather than independently.

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Relationship Advice for Women | Advice on Relationship for Men:

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