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Rebuilding Your Relationship to Rekindle the Passion

It happens in every long term relationship, and it happens for many reasons. I am talking about a relationship getting boring or stale. It is so easy to do because sometimes it happens so quietly.

First, you get married, buy a house which means you have to work more hours, then you add kids into the mix, which now means you are exhausted and even more likely to let things slide. The kids get bigger and busier meaning even less time for the two of you.

The next thing that happens is you two have created a very lovely routine that does not include time with each other. It is not because you don’t desire each other it is simply life working against you. Life will continue to do that unless you make a conscious effort to make sure you two spend time together.

They understand that if they don’t fix the problem and rekindle that passion that their relationship is in big trouble. And so they make a concerted effort to rebuild their relationship by rekindling the passion. How should a couple go about doing that? That seems to be the biggest question for couples. We know we want to fix this, but how do we find the time?

One way is to acknowledge, our lives are ruled by schedules. We have to be at work by a certain time, pick up the kids and get them to practice, pick kids up from practice and take them home, etc…

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But in this case you can use it to your advantage. Once a month, at the very least, you need to pen into the schedule a date night. Hire a babysitter, or enlist a friend or family member and go out just you and your partner/spouse.

It does not have to be anything expensive or extravagant. You could go for a walk in the park. You could set up a sleepover at your Mom’s house and the two of you could stay in, cuddle, watch a movie and just talk for a while. Or have a candlelight dinner at home or go to a restaurant and get pampered.

But what is extremely important is that you two follow through on the dates you set up. It shows your partner you keep your promises and that he or she is worth your time and effort because you love that person.

All you need to do to rekindle the passion in your relationship is to spend time, quality time together. The payoff for that is that you will feel less stressed out and that your bond is now even stronger because you both cared enough to find the time to be together. And what a lot of people don’t realize is that they will also be better parents by spending time away from the kids and with each other.

By taking the proper steps to get your relationship back to where it used to be you will ensure that you two will be together and happy for a long time to come.

connect and commit

connect and commit

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