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Ryan Higgins was a working stiff in a dead-end job packing boxes. He had wanted to improve his life but just couldn't seem to make a connection with anything better.

He had tried the visualization techniques outlined in The Law of Attraction, but he didn't seem to be able to focus his attention appropriately.

One day, Ryan had a flash of inspiration. He got the idea to develop a short movie clip that would enable him to keep his mind focused and hopefully be able to attract the things he needed to make his life better.

Ryan developed a rough movie clip using his limited technical expertise. With a few weeks of using his clip to aid his visualization good things began to come his way. In short order he was able to "fire his boss" at his crappy job and move on to bigger and better things.

A number of friends, noting Ryan's changes in life status, queried him as to what he did to change his life. After seeing what he called his "mind movie," developed from images of what Ryan was trying to attract, they all clamored for their own "mind movie."

Assisted by Natalie Ledwell, Ryan developed personalized Mind Movies for his acquaintances, incorporating images and subliminal suggestions. Everyone seemed to enjoy a resounding success in attracting many of the things they wanted in their lives.

Money, romance, possessions, careers, spiritual needs, health and fitness, weight loss and more . . . all seemed to flow to those people using Mind Movies to implement the visualization principles outlined in The Law of Attraction.

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Now before you start thinking that this is all some mystical claptrap, you should know that the power of the mind has long been regarded as a very real phenomenon. Scientific research has proved the existence of mental powers, but they are unable to pinpoint just how or why they work.

Jon Gabriel successfully used visualization and mind control to lose more than 200 pounds of fat and maintain a trim healthy body for years.

Jon amazed doctors because his body shows no evidence of morbid obesity. Jon quit being a financial advisor in New York City, moved to Australia and lectures on "The Gabriel Method."

In the mid-twentieth century a plastic surgeon discovered that most of his patients needed a mental adjustment more than they needed surgical transformation. He began to study how to help his patients. Maxwell Maltz, M.D. authored the book "Psycho Cybernetics" about how to program your mind.

Dr. Max envisioned the mind as a machine (psycho = mind, cybernetics = machine) that can be programmed by visualization. Just as physical training prepares the body, visualization can prepare both the mind and the body.

Using Mind Movies to help you improve your life is the pathway to success in whatever your mind visualizes. These personalized movies will reflect the elements you want in your life, those that will lead to your success, happiness and romantic fulfillment. Read our indepth Mind Movies review here.

In a filmed meeting between Ryan Higgins and internet marketing guru, Frank Kern, Kern, a multi-millionaire, admitted that he inadvertently used visualization to begin his rise to fame and riches, after he had made a list of what he wanted his best day to be like.

His focus on that list brought him the opportunities that led to his success. Several years later he found the list and was amazed that it perfectly prophesized what his life would be like.

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Ryan has prepared six sample Mind Movies for your evaluation.