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Methods to Repair Your Relationship And Making Up Faster

There comes a point when you realize there is something wrong and that if you don’t do something soon you may not have anything left to save.

This is a relationship in serious trouble and if you have gotten to this point you have let it get way too far. The way to repair your relationship and make up faster is to catch the problem as early as possible.

And I mean even before you get married. If you can deal with issues before you make the commitment you will save yourself a whole lot of pain later on, down the road.

To begin you have to figure out what the major issues are to begin with. It is a good idea to sit down with your significant other and talk about the things that bother you. It is equally important to realize there is no one person at fault. In a relationship there are two people and both people are responsible for the issues and solving them.

Once you know what the main issues are you have a shot at dealing with them head on. And that is exactly what you should do. Don’t pretend they aren’t there or you are just postponing the inevitable. It is also important to only deal with one at a time. If you try to fix five things at one you aren’t going to get very far.

So, pick one and talk about it and try to pinpoint the actual problem. It probably isn’t that he didn’t do the dishes last night, but could be that she felt like she had made the meal so he should do his part by doing the dishes, thus contributing to the relationship.

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Another method is to for you and your partner to learn how the other works in terms of discussing issues. Do you two do better sitting down and talking about them and hashing it out until you figure it out? Or do you two do better with, shorter conversations?

And by opening up those lines of communication you show the other person that you want to be open with them. That you don’t want to keep things from them and that you hope they will be equally open with you.

The next way involves adding an unbiased third party. It is a hard step for most couples to take because it means acknowledging that there is a big problem and you need help. It requires you both to take the step together and that in all in itself is a huge step in the right direction.

Remember, in most cases both you and your partner are responsible for the problems in your relationship. That means it will take both of you to fix it. The issue or issues could stem from not communicating, pretending the problem is not there, or an issue with sex.

To repair the relationship and make up faster you have to focus on the lines of communication, and by doing that you can definitely make progress in the right direction to repairing the damage.

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