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Common Marriage Problems And Solutions

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Croft M. Pentz wrote in The Complete Book of Zingers; “When a man marries a woman, they become one – the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.”

This quote provides insight into common marriage problems which can arise suddenly or overtime. The pendulum between a husband and wife must be artfully balanced and skillfully negotiated.

The peace-treaty, planning involved would make any politician humbled and yet for centuries couples have developed long and lasting love; often learning from or avoiding these common marriage problems.


Many marriages fail because of the misconstrued expectations they inadvertently place on one another. Just as Pentz suggests, one individual often expects the other to be more like them.

Women especially have a tendency to complicate their spouse with idealistic visions of who they should be. Some of this is due to their nurturing, mothering nature. Reversely, men tend to expect to never have to change; even if the changes are for the better.

What both partners need to learn is acceptance. Loving each other for who they are is the key, yet compromising when the burden of acceptance becomes too great.

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Crisis and Stress

Couples initially enjoy the vibrant freshness of their union for a time. The trouble begins, however, when trauma or strains place heavy leans on the marriage, often unexpectedly.

Financial stresses, loss of loved ones or unanticipated tragedies can cause partners to turn on each other in an effort to deal with the angst. When life takes its’ toll, people tend to take it out on the ones they love the most.

Why? In marriage, the vow of acceptance is unconditional love. Therefore when one needs ventilation it is only natural to direct negativity towards the other, taking for granted the sustainability of their marriage. The detriment can be great, however and this can eventually deteriorate the very foundation of their togetherness.

Strength must be found within each other and for each other in order to move forward through life’s hard lessons. By always evaluating with empathy what the other is potentially experiencing, a couple can take turns offering each other the shoulder they need to cry on and the relief they need from hard times.

Spiritual or Mental Stagnation

In other words, a lack of growth can ultimately undermine the fabric of a marriage. When couples stop exchanging ideas, dreaming dreams and exploring together, boredom ensues. Physical pleasures unfulfilled are not the common marriage problems; rather, the search for this diversity is merely the result of lacking internal satisfaction.

Friendships should be treasured and consistently enhanced. Without a spiritual or mental connectivity, couples eventually drift apart and place boundaries around their physical desire. Exploring deep thoughts and ideas will contribute to a growing awareness of the ideas of existence and the role to play as a couple.

Finally, by remaining mindful of the general tendencies and common marriage problems, a husband and wife can continuously strive towards harmony. Avoiding these lessons will help carve a solid foundation which will not fail through hardship, turmoil or change.

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Common Marriage Problems And Solutions | Help With Marital Problems