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Making Time For Your Spouse

Once kids get into the mix of a marriage life gets really insane and it gets very challenging to find time for each other.

Then it gets even more important to find time for your spouse. The purpose of this article is to give you some helpful tips on how to make time for your spouse.

Plan date nights – regularly

Don’t make excuses, make time. Hire a sitter, go out to dinner. No money, watch a movie after the kids go to bed.

No time, meet for lunch. It is about some extravagant meal or night out. It is about showing the other person they are worth making time for and then making that time. Plus it gives you the opportunity to continue to get to know each other and grow together as a couple.

It is all about the little things

There may not be a ton of time all at once, but there will be little moments. When you both get home from work and have a few minutes at the dinner table. Or in the morning when you are getting ready, take a moment to kiss your spouse or tell them you love them.

Try to give your spouse at least one compliment a day. Not forced, but just because he or she did something that made you smile or looks particularly nice that day.

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It is essential that you two make time to talk and have meaningful discussions. Remember to be a good listener and be respectful of what he or she is saying even if you don’t always agree with it. It doesn’t need to be a ton of time it just needs to be quality time. And work on problems together, coming up with a solution that will be agreeable by both parties.

Do something together

You certainly don’t have to do everything together, but pick one thing to do together, go golfing, take a class that interests you both, or try reading the same book together and discuss it when you are done. Or if that it is too hard to come up with one specific thing, come up with a list of smaller activities you might like to do, maybe a play or a concert.

Make time for intimacy

It is easy to let sex slip through the cracks. With kids in the picture there just isn’t the free time anymore and by the time you get to bed you are too freaking exhausted to muster up the energy to have sex.

And as the kids get older other things interrupt your world. So you have to make the effort and time for that physical intimacy. Because that is another connection that you must have in order to maintain a strong loving relationship.

Being a parent isn’t easy but if you and your spouse have a strong bond from finding time for each other than the two of you can tackle anything your children throw at you. So, plan date nights, talk to each other, do things together, and most importantly make time for intimacy.

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