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Magic of Making Up Review

magic of making up reviewThere are lots of relationship guides out there and it can be hard work trying to establish the most effective one.

 In this review, you’ll get the low down on Magic of Making Up, one of those relationship how-to guides that has helped change the lives of over fifty thousand people in 77 countries all over the world.

To start with, let’s examine if Magic of Making Up is any different from other relationship how-to guides.

The Magic of Making Up system is a guide that will take you through the whole process of breaking up, from the time the two of you call it quits, up to when you get back together. Many guides out there on the market will simply state ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ that you are told to apply and then get your ex back. ‘Magic of Making Up’ goes along with you every step of the way.

That’s not to take away anything from any guide out there, but the issue is that when you simply tell someone to use a bunch of tips and tricks when they are not really on top of their game, they will not be able to make an objective decision.

Another thing about the ‘Magic of Making Up’ guide is that was written by someone – T.W. Jackson – who has gone through real-life experiences of breaking up and making up again, not just a person who had the theory on paper. 

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What benefits should you expect after using Magic of Making Up?

The benefits are numerous, and include:

Readily available – once you purchase the guide, you’ll have instant access to it without the inconveniences of waiting for processing or shipping. Therefore, you can start using the guide right away and take immediate action.

Easy, well-laid out approach – the author made sure that users would find it easy to follow the guide by outlining the points in a step-by-step format. So, you shouldn’t expect to get stuck asking where you should start, what you need to do first, and things like that.

Proven techniques and advice – this is one of the aspects that make this system stand out; most of the advice herein has been field tested and proven in varying situations. Some of the techniques you’ll find include; the fast-forward technique, the instant reconnect technique, the clean slate technique, and the second chance letter.

You will get a 60-day money back guarantee, in case you’re not happy with the guide after trying its methods within that time.

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Some bad things with the product 

No videos – the Magic of Making Up guides doesn’t come with videos, besides the ones that are public.

No option for physical copy – while it’s commendable that you have instant access after purchase, a physical copy would also be good and, some people actually prefer physical copies.

Needs action to apply methods – this is not exactly a demerit but rather, a word of caution: you need to work at it by putting the techniques into action. There’s no ‘magic’ to get your ex back, so a mere book will not do that.


Magic of Making Up is a solid product that especially emphasizes putting the techniques into action. If you really want your ex back, get yourself a copy today and try out the methods therein.

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Magic of Making Up Review