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Long Term Relationship Advice

The beginning is so easy, you both want to impress each other, you both think about the other one all the time, and you both will do whatever it takes to make the other one happy.

This is call the beginning of a relationship, but as the relationship evolves and grows into something more long term some couples lose that initial thrill of the newness.

In order to for a relationship to last long term there is some long term relationship advice I would like to share with you in this article.

1. Acceptance

You love this person, so you need to show them that by accepting them, 100%, all their strengths and all their weaknesses as well. If all you want to do is change who your partner is then you aren’t accepting him or her for who they are and they will eventually resent you for that, and it will eventually affect your relationship negatively.

2. Trust

Trust is to a relationship as water is to survival. If you or your partner are hiding things or accusing the other one of hiding things then you are in big trouble. Equally tied to trust are insecurities, if you or your partner are jealous or possessive of the other and begin to mistrust each other then you are in equally as much trouble. There has to be openness and it that is ever breached then you will have some seriously big hurdles to overcome.

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3. Communication

It is essential that the lines of communication are open at all times. You have to know where the other person is in different areas: kids, money, career plans, long-term goals, short-term goals, or even your day to day activities.

Equally important is listening to your partner to find out how he or she is doing and if there is anything going on with them that they need to share with you or that the two of you need to talk about.

4. Romance – keep it alive

Whether it is in the bedroom or out a relationship needs romance. Think about it, at the beginning of your relationship you went on dates, bought each other things, sent notes, remembered important dates and talked sweetly to each other.

As time goes on, kids come into the picture or life gets busier those things tend to fall to the sidelines, or become less important. You need to set time aside for those things, either a date night or time after the kids go to bed.

Do something every once in a while to remind your love that you are thinking about them. And keeping the intimacy alive is also important, so if you notice things getting a bit stale in the bedroom, you need to re-group and talk to each other. Find out what the other would like, try something new.

My long term relationship advice to you is to: remember you are with this person for a reason, accept them as they are, you must trust unless he or she has given you a reason not to, always communicate, it is so important, and finally keep the romance alive to keep things fresh.

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