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Long Distance Relationship Tips

Relationships in general are not easy, now toss in distance, and things get that much more challenging. Long distance relationships have a whole boatload of issues that if not addressed early on your relationship is doomed before it even begins.

You have to accept that it will take more effort. Keeping that in mind here are a few long distance relationship tips to help give you the best shot at making something difficult work for you and your partner.

One important tip is to use the phone. In a relationship where there is no distance you would probably see each other almost every day/night. So, to take the place of that use the phone and keep each other caught up on the day to day stuff. In other words communicate as much as possible.

You need to feel like you are part of the other person’s world, so tell you partner you missed the first bus or found a five dollar bill on the ground. We all tend to share the big stuff: I got the promotion; I got an A on my paper, etc... But the little stuff is what will make that connection and keep that connection.

A second tip is to utilize the other technology that is available to you when you can’t get to the phone such as email, or instant messaging. If one of you is having one of those impossible days, it is nice to get a message from the other one in the middle of the day.

Or if you happen to have a day where you are both free at the same time meet up on Skype or Vonage. Then not only can you talk to each other you can see each other.

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The next tip is another really important one, which is to keep the romance alive. You won’t be able to see each other every day so find ways to let the other one know you are thinking about them by: writing a love letter, sending some flowers, or balloons, order your love lunch letting them know you are thinking about them for no other reason than you love them.

Another tip is related to in person visits. It is likely that you and your partner will visit each other on occasion. Make sure you make it even and by that I mean, one does the visiting one time and then the next time the other does the visiting.

It is important that neither person feels like their world is not important to the other one. So make it a point to take turns. Otherwise the one doing all the traveling will feel like they are putting more into the relationship and that is not fair.

Finally, don’t take things too personally. Life is going to get in the way, it always does for anyone, whether in a long term relationship or not. Your partner isn’t avoiding you; he or she is just dealing with life on their end, as you should on yours. You are going to have to be flexible and understanding, just as your partner will have to be for you.

It is possible to make it work, use the long distance relationship tips and enjoy time with your partner as often as you can.

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