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How to be Happy No Matter What

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be just as happy as could be no matter what was going on in their life?

Most of us think we want to be happy like that but we don't always make an active attempt at being that way.

If you want to be happy no matter what, you have to understand some important points about what that really means.

Being happy isn't going through each day laughing without stopping. It is the feeling of being content with what you have and not having regrets for what you don't.

There are a number of goals that many people share including:

* Having plenty of money

* Building a nice home

* Having a successful career

* Having the perfect spouse and children

* Being thin, healthy, and beautiful

What you must realize is that the basis for all of these goals is the same. These are just the pathways that people believe will lead them to happiness and yours are probably the same as part of these.

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The Reality of Reaching Your Goals

Most of us fall short of reaching these goals for one reason or the other and feel that happiness has eluded us as a result. However, when you see the people that do get what they want from life, you will find that they aren't happy, either.

Celebrities with fame and money are frequently over-indulging in drugs and alcohol and exhibiting bazaar and dangerous behavior. Why? Because they aren't happy!

There are some aspects of life that are more likely to create happiness for individuals and none of them have to do with the goals you have set for yourself. More accurately, there are some traits within a person that will influence their happiness.

Certain Kinds of People Tend to Be Happier

* People who are optimistic are happier. They do more than just take life as it comes to them. They also have a different way of thinking that gives them greater satisfaction and also greater success.

* Those who feel they are in control of their own destiny are more likely to be happy than those that think they are victims of circumstance. They take life as a challenge and play an active role in determining the outcome.

Getting what you want from life isn't a guarantee that it is going to make you happy. For instance, suppose you get the spouse that you have always dreamed of. He is good looking, passionate, successful, and everything you could possible want in a husband. That is, until he becomes your husband.

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Once you are married, your husband becomes arrogant, selfish, and possibly even abusive. It turns out that you aren't happy with him after all. That's because you are relying on another person to make you happy instead of putting control of your life in your own hands.

The key to happiness isn't in being happy because of someone, but in spite of them. If you find happiness within yourself, you will be able to stay happy whether you meet your goals or not. You will also be happy even if you are disappointed in a relationship because you are confident and in control of your life and your emotions.

Diversify to find Happiness

Instead of focusing on one area of your life in order to create happiness, diversify your emotions and your energy to include all aspects of it. Maybe you want to get married and have children, but your career may be important to you. Consider your health and friendships in your plans and set goals that include every aspect of your life.

People have proven time and time again that you should "be careful what you wish for" and when it comes to being happy, this is especially true. With real happiness, you will be okay even if your wishes do come true!

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