Save Your Relationship

How to Save a Dying Relationship

Couples argue and there really isn’t anything you can do to stop that from happening. Two people trying to get along 100% of the time is just unrealistic. Each person has his or her own personality and each person has their own opinions on things.

But if both people in the relationship love each other compromises are made and both people try really hard to mesh as a couple.

If a solid foundation is built when differences come up the foundation will help them find a way to make it work.

Now if even with that foundation the relationship is failing you have a big decision to make. Do you want to save your dying relationship? And I assume because you are reading this article your answer is yes, you want to save your dying relationship. So let’s take a look at how you can do that:

The first step is to sit down with your laptop or go old school, and get paper and a pen or pencil. List out what you think are the problems in your relationship. And don’t be shy here you are trying to save your relationship. Write down everything it could possibly be.

Now if your partner is on board with working on the relationship have them do the same thing. Then you will want to compare, keeping in mind that this not meant to make anyone feel bad or start a war. This is to determine what the major issues are so you can determine if you two can work it out.

The next step is to take the major issues and work through them one at a time. Below are a few of the major ones.

• Communication – This is a huge issue for most couples at some point in their relationship. Life can get so busy with jobs, kids, and other responsibilities it is easy to forget how important it is to really communicate with your partner. It is important to take time every day, even just 10 min. to catch up and then a bit more time to just be the two of you.

• Time – Along with communication falling to the side lines, the two of you spending time together is also easy to stop doing. What most couples don’t realize is that by not making time, they do a whole lot of damage. If they would make themselves take the time they would be able to reconnect which is essential in a relationship.

• Take responsibility – You are both human, thus you both make mistakes. So, sit down talk about what those are, and then decide if those mistakes can be forgiven. If you can both forgive each other, you have a shot at saving your dying relationship.

People tend to give up too quickly these days. When things get a little rough they figure the relationship is too far gone and let it go. But if both partners are willing to make the effort, can open up the lines of communication again, are willing to find sometime for each other and can take responsibility for their mistakes then you may very well be able to save a dying relationship.

relationship recovery

relationship recovery