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How to Save My Marriage Through Passion Building

When we are at the beginning of a relationship it is easy to make things work. Both partners want things to work, so you make time for each other, you have passion for the other, and you are willing to give a little to get a lot.

But as time passes and obligations get more demanding, or you add children into your lives it get more and more difficult to hold onto how things were.

Many marriages lose the desire to make things work and worse yet they lose the passion they once had for each other. To get your marriage back on track you need to find that passion.

You can find do that by doing what is called, passion building. This article will cover what that is and how to do it.

The first step is to go back to the beginning, why did you get married? Sit down with your spouse, without the kids around and discuss all the reasons you got married in the first place. Think about whom your spouse was when you got married and even though we change and grow, the core of who we are doesn’t change. Think about what qualities you fell in love with and I bet some or all of them are still there.

If you can renew your vows with each other remembering why you got married in the first place you can have a rejuvenated sense of where you are now and where you want to go next, together.

The next step is to find the positive/good feelings again. It is very easy to focus in on the negative. It is even easier to focus on the negative if one or both partners have been taking his or her spouse for granted. That is how the negative feelings creep in when one or both of you set the other aside, again and again knowing they will be there when you find time.

The way to fix that is to find time again for each other, alone and making the decision that your marriage is the priority right now, over everything else. You have to both show the other that you are important, which will show you both the good feelings because who doesn’t want to be important.

To continue to rebuild the passion, this next step is essential. You need to find ways to connect in little ways, every day. Set aside 10 min. in the morning or at night for just the two of you. Hold hands, and talk sharing something that is going on that is not between you two. Talk about the kids, work, something one of you enjoys doing.

Make it a non-stressful time where it is just you two, being you. During the day text, or make a quick call to let the other one know they are on your mind. This is part of the building to connect every day on some level.

Passion building is all about getting back to the basics and working up from there. You can’t fix everything in one night, so take your time and build that foundation that will take you a long way together.

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