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How to Romance Your Wife?

I am a pretty independent woman, and sometimes it is hard to admit out loud, but I really love to be romanced.

And usually men are pretty good about the romance at the beginning of a relationship, but as time passes life gets in the way and both people forget how important it is.

So, if you are finding your marriage is lacking romance, men, here are some great tips to bring it back.

• Simple walks – When weather permits it, take your wife for a walk. You can drive to a place that has always been special for both of you or you can just go for a stroll around the block. Walking is relaxing, gives the two of you a chance to talk, and catch up, bringing you closer and doing one of the most important things in a marriage, communicating.

• Share your reasons – Take the time to tell her exactly why you love her. It is easy to pass each other and say, “I love you”, but a whole different thing to find the words to explain what she does to your heart.

• Night out – Sounds simple enough, to go out. But what makes it romantic is if you plan it, get dressed up for it, and take her some place special. If money is an issue, only do that once a month. The rest of your date nights can be snuggling up on the couch watching a movie, after the kids go to bed.

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• Hold hands – It is a simple gesture that you probably did when you were first dating. You hold hands because you want that constant contact. You want everyone to know she is with you. You need that connection. As time passes that fades. Surprise her on your date night, reach across the table, take her hand and don’t let go. Show her you want that feeling of needing to touch.

• Read a love letter – Either write her one today or pull out one you wrote 5 years ago, or when you were first dating. Sit on the couch, holding her hand, and read to her all the things you felt, still feel, and intend on feeling for the rest of your lives.

• Share a meal – Go on a picnic, packing only finger type foods and find a nice shady comfy spot. Sit down, unpack your meal and take turns feeding each other. It is a very romantic way to reconnect.

You know all the things you did to woo your wife. You were debonair, charming, romantic, and loving. We women just don’t want you to let those things go. We want know you still find us attractive, that we are still worth the effort to continue to woo every day.

So, take us for walks, remind us what you feel and why you find us special, hold our hands because you need to, want to, and tell us in your words why you love us: back at the beginning, now, and will forever. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just let us know you think about us, love us and don’t take us for granted.

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