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How to Remove a Broken Relationship From Your Mind

When any relationship ends, especially if you weren’t the one to end things it can be very painful. It can also leave you feeling like something is wrong with you or, that no one finds you attractive. A break up can bring with it lots of negative feelings that can really effect a person.

So, it is important to take the right steps to not only heal from the break up, but to also remove the broken relationship from your mind so you can move on. This article will go over the steps you need to take to move forward with your life.

The first step is to completely stop all forms of contact you may still have. You need to make a clean break and start fresh without them. No calling one more time, just in case. And definitely no asking the friends how he or she is doing. Let them go and stop driving yourself crazy.

The second step is to let go of any feelings of failure you may have. Relationships end for lots of reasons and dwelling on all the things you did wrong fixes nothing. We all make mistakes and this is a good time to learn from those, so you don’t do that in the next relationship. But it is also important to realize that there are two people in a relationship and the other person makes mistakes too.

This next step is a biggie, you need to let go of any leftover emotions. It may be resentment, or anger, or just pain, but all of those are negative and not good for you. And will definitely not allow you to move forward. So, let it go, it hurts no one but you.

Another step is to stop thinking about what might have been. No one can predict the future, so you can make it seem like it could have been a bed of roses. However you have no way to prove that to yourself. So, stop trying to imagine the, what ifs.

The fifth step is to stop romancing the relationship. When we have lost something it is very easy to remember all the good, but there were obviously issues or the relationship would not have ended. So, make yourself remember that although there were good times things were not perfect.

The final step is to stop being afraid. This one is difficult as well, but it is an important step. It isn’t necessarily fun, or your first choice to be alone, but you were alone and single before this relationship. You can handle being alone until you heal and are ready to move forward.

The ending of a relationship is hard for both people involved. It is hard to take the right steps to remove a broken relationship from your mind, so you can heal and move forward with your life. So implement the steps discussed in this article and you will be on the right road to letting the relationship go and moving on with your life, which is so vitally important.

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