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How to Know If Your Partner is Lying?

Even considering the possibility is not something you want to have to do, but you also don’t want to get blindsided, or end up feeling like an idiot because you chose to ignore all the signs that your partner is lying to you.

And if he or she is lying to you about one thing, they could be lying about a whole lot more.

One huge indicator is “that feeling” feeling you get. Those are your instincts screaming at you. They are telling you to pay attention to your partner’s behaviors.

You don’t need anything else really, unless you are normally paranoid. But if you just watch your partner and pay attention to how he or she behaves your instincts will tell you.

What happens though is people chose to ignore them, because they don’t want to know. Or sometimes our instincts can be a bit tricky. If you already have some baggage from another relationship you might be naturally afraid of that happening again, thus putting your instincts into overdrive. So you have to be careful to keep that in mind as you evaluate how your partner is behaving. If you are afraid to go off your instincts alone there are two other signs to watch for.

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The second sign to watch for is body language. As much as your partner tries to hide it, the body does not lie. So, watch for subtle changes in your significant other’s body language. Does he or she stiffen when you ask certain kinds of questions?

Or avert his or her eyes/head when answering a question. Also notice how much body movement. If he or she is excited about something their hands will be actively moving and showing you that excitement.

A person who is lying won’t do that because they are not truly excited about it. If they are focusing on making those movements to cover up the lying you will notice the timing is just a little off. Still afraid to say you are sure your partner is lying? Take a look at the last sign.

The third sign is touching his or her face, clearing their throat often and saying “ummmm” a lot. A person who touches their face and or their nose is trying to cover up their facial expressions while they lie, or if he or she has to stop often to clear their throat, another indicator.

And if they are using “ummmm” a lot that too is a way to know they are killing time to spin the lie for you. They want to make sure they make it as convincing as possible and they need time to do that, so they look away or cough.

Remember your instincts are your best lie detector because they know how your partner usually acts and reacts to things. But if you are needing more to really convince yourself, then pay attention to your partner’s body language and also to if he or she is touching their face, clearing their throat or using “ummmm” a lot while looking away from you. These are all very strong indicators that your partner is lying to you.

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