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How to Know If Your Partner Wants Out?

We have all been there, either we are the ones who want out, or we are the recipient of the one who wants out.

It is no fun for either person and when we look back we can see on both sides of the break up that there were definite signs that you or the other person wanted out.

In most cases the break up was not spontaneous, it was whether consciously or not, planned out to make the transition for both parties as easy as possible.

So, if you notice either you or your partner showing some of the following signs, one of you wants out.

The first and most important sign is that your partner starts slowly moving away from you. Other things start becoming more important, in fact everything takes a front seat to your relationship. Friends and work suddenly need all of his or her attention.

The little things your partner used to do disappear. For example, the phone calls you used to get in the middle of the day or surprise lunches. You will just get a general feeling of lack of interest on your partner’s part.

Another big sign is your significant other suddenly and steadily becoming extremely busy. He or she will get so engrossed in work or school that he or she basically ignores you and neglects all of your needs.

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Even if your partner’s work is unusually stressful, if he or she is still interested in the relationship, they will make an effort to let you know they still think about you, miss you, and are so sorry they have been so busy lately. If they are on their way out they won’t even bother with that much.

A third sign is noticing that your partner is making changes to his or her lifestyle. The changes can include both physical and/or emotional. If suddenly your significant other changes something you know they would never change normally you know something is wrong.

You know your partner and if he or she wants out and is showing this kind of sign, they may be involved with someone already and you need to confront him or her.

Another sign is continuously fighting with you or actually starting fights. Things that you do, that have never bothered them before will suddenly become the focus of every argument. They may even be pushing and fighting in hopes that you will end the relationship.

And it is equally possible that the reason they are fighting is because of something the new person is doing for them that you are not doing. So in their mind if you aren’t willing, and really they are hoping you are not willing, to change then they can leave the relationship, guilt free.

Ending a relationship is not easy and it can be very painful. But by staying in a relationship when one person has no interest is not healthy for either of you. In fact it can damage the self-esteem of the one who is not wanted anymore and it can make the other partner do and say hurtful things, he or she would not normally say, making them feel bad. So, in cases like that, it is just better to end it.

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